Saturday, September 25, 2010

Awesome iPhone 4!!

Prepare for some awesomeness of this cool tetchy gadget all around phone called the iPhone 4. Which is such a great technology being made to the public. iPhone 4 has a 5 mega-pixel camera with LED flash and HD video recording suitable for blogging, party and occasions.

This exciting launch creation has a face-time feature that is very efficient so that video calling made possible to a friend, family, customer or business associates. Its like a 3 way call in call center as part of a virtual business. Also effective when you are closing a business deal to different countries. Or different part of the Philippines, what i can say this is an effective phone for marketing  business merchandise. All i can say is i really want and need to explore this phone.

The retina display is very clear and high resolution that this phone can display crisp test, images and video. Life is made more cooler and better with this king of technology. Wow what a life!!! PC, Internet, Games, Video, High Resolution Camera, Recorder and a lot more. All in one iPhone 4???

The glass and stainless steel design is so thin and classy that its looks that you have a smart phone in the smart-world. (Where we do belong? Agree??). I think this is like when you compare ordinary phone case from cars you can distinguish a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porshe to the ordinary one? With fast growing technology we need to have fast all around gadget like this. As we live the good like and explore the great technology of innovation and convergence.

It has a 3-axis gyro, apple processor that makes it more smarter and up to 40 percent longer talk time. It also has an iOS 4 which includes over 100 new features. More storage, fast memory, what can i ask for?

Please See this Exciting Picture:

Globe CEO Ernest Cu and Globe Consumer business head Peter Bithos during launch of iPhone 4 in the Philippines. 

OMG!! The 205 000 access to App store application including the movie exclusively for iphone makes our lifestyle seems to be more cooler. Wow tons of application and cool technology that would rock my wold and your world as well!!

Starting Tomorrow Sept 26, 2010 you can experience this trough iPhone booths in Metro Manila. Like the Ayala malls (Greenbelt, Glorietta) and globe websites.

For more info about this cool techy gadget iPhone 4 please visit this blog/site. 
Live the cool exciting good life with iPhone4!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Run "Ondoy no More"

Registration Areas
R.O.X:Makati office: look for Ryan Villanueva Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm Thunderbird Resorts Rizal:
proceed to front desk or look for April Martinez Tues-Sat 10am - 5pm Chris sports outlet on the following branches

- Megamall - SM North Edsa - Festival Mall
- Glorietta
- SM Marikina

For more Info Please Visit:
For more details contact:
Liezl Montemayor - (917) 586.5044
Chris Aguilar - (922) 800.1308

Monday, September 6, 2010

Search Engine and Social Media Marketing Webinar

See the upcoming free webinar on September 9 And the upcoming workshop on September 28 to 30. Search engine and social media marketing important to promote you business of your particular niche.
So that you can easily be found on to spot of Google, Yahoo, Bing and a lot more! Top ranking on major Search Engines.
Helps you achieve your dreams to be a professional on line marketer. A lot of organizations today feel frustrated with their online presence. They come up with a website and market it at the start - but later realize they are not getting results as expected. They thought, just "build it and they will come".

By being the best on your particular field or niche! It provides you more revenue and increase of returns.
Is the great tool mechanism to boost your on line charisma or dominance. 
Manage you campaign and particular niche easily and quickly. So you can be as the best what you can be.

See this info for more details!

Internet Use, Search, Social Media Statistics Philippines 2010 from Janette Toral on Vimeo.

Janet make this cool slides so effectively as a milestone of success of the internet marketing and know how industry. That will make people capture the best idea to make every company and business more profitable.
Search Profile Index

Social media and SEO is a great role and responsible for such a great traffic to each site. Based on your product and services offered, scope of business, target market and competitors. As a result of online marketing and effective use of tools. As they say right man for the right job. As what i say right tools online for better results and income. With total customer satisfaction and convergence that will truly make you increase of return. As an effective, profitable and valuable on marketing specialist where usually more winners think of like me.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

FORD-C!Top Driver Challenge Win 200k Racing Scholarship

Tuason Racing School TRS is giving away 200, 000 worth of Scholarship In Subic Racing Circuit. Courtesy of  FORD and C Magazine.You can still race to Ford Alabang Sept 25,  Ford Libis Oct 2 and  Ford Balintawak on Oct 9.
 Hope to get my best Lap later
I join this event last year and 2 year ago. I won the final simulation but unfortunately didn't win to final round.
Simulation on Progress
See your edge and other drivers on the Big Screen
for more info about the Racing Please Visit this blog post and
Also Visit some of me Racing Post for more Racing Techniques and Info
Also Boy Kuripot Blogs for lots of Winning Infos.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Win Windows 7 Ultimate Edition

I meet this cool smart tech blogger @ Microsoft awarding ceremony (Imagine Cup and Microsoft Contest Blog Awards) at spicy fingers last couple of weeks. See his contest link and Win Windows 7 Ultimate Edition!

I won Timex Watch and GC as well.

Ford Win Trip to USA, Singapore and HK

Ford Gives Away Trips for its 8th All-American Freedom Fest - Automotive Industry News Info Philippines

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My 007 All around Ideal Phone, Samsung Galaxy Android Phone

Super Samsung Galaxy S top-of-the-line Android Phone! 

Im a great fan of 007 also know as James Bond, for we all know this British Agent the Counter Part of women agent SALT was very tech-savvy. What do i mean by all around its my laymen term for Jack of All Trade. Speaking of Android Phone below its all around for my blogging, my office outlook, social media, social hub, native media, pictures, games, connectivity, convergence and also suitable for business that everybody would love.

This is what you called the SMART life when you wake up in the morning with the alarm, check my daily local and foreign news. Even to check my finances and stock market so easy. 

As 007 is good at high octane action movie in sea, air and land that excites the viewer whole crowd. Super Samsung Galaxy S top-of-the-line Android Phone also excites its user of all ages.

This is really a super all around phone because its durable and classy for my active gimmick and business lifestyle. The application also is very user friendly that can be used by everybody even with my grade school younger sister and its safe and secured to monitor where she is.

As you see on this press/ media release movie trailer the moving fish on water was so real like 3d. A cool single device that i could follow my favorite stuff on twitter, since i like blog my favorite blog on facebook, tumbler and blogspot.

With this phone since I'm a traveler both here in the Philippines and other Country. I'm pretty much confident that i will never ever lost whatever part of the globe i don't even need a car map navigator. Because i have bad experience in Singapore, Macau, Manila and Hong Kong traffic system. So i will save more my valuable time and enjoy my trips. Also when i search in Google some of the latest activity and events is very easy.

I view movie so easy on my active outdoor sports lifestyle. And the most important is the screen was so cool aside from making the phone texture beautiful like a women. This super-smart-phone can be useful to me 24/7 it can be useful to you also.

Now, you can call and text that special one as often as you want to—only with Globe's Super One.
Super Sulit because you can choose and pay only for your closest friends and family. P150/month (for Postpaid and My Fully Loaded Plan) or P175/month for My Super Plan. This is exclusive connectivity especially made for the most important people in your life.

Super Flexible because you can change your Super One numbers as often as every month.* What's more, you can register as many numbers as you want:
For Postpaid/My Fully Loaded Plan, text:

SUPERONE ON to 8888.
For My Super Plan, text:

MY SUPERONE to 8888.

Grab a Globe Prepaid or Postpaid Now but go to the nearest dealer first and do the actual demo.

This is my Blog Contest Entry
For my fellow blogger/media who wants to join the blog contest and win this phone Click =>> Here

Globe Phone Discounts

I Pray and Hope i win this phone!

NBA FIT Clinic

Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra and Assistant Dave Fizdale. Visit and do Basketball Clinic @ SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. Also to different City/Malls of the country to promote sports and basketball. In partner of Gatorade, NBA, SM Malls and UNICEF.
Coaches and Staff on Action in Music Hall SM MOA.
Basketball is open for all ages and its good to promote sportsmanship and discipline.
The President and Various Sport Organizer Rely San Agustin
Last time We Played and Promote soccer(World Cup) this time (NBA)Basketball
Who's gonna be the next Filipino NBA Superstar?
I legend may start somewhere else..
I think its in the heart and mind of every believer.

New Cars, Live Eco Friendly Green

New Cars, Live Eco Friendly Green
By: Jayson Biadog

The 3rd CAMPI Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) in World Trade Center August 19-21, 2010. Was really an exciting, I was the media sports contest blogger of to cover the event and join the media contest. And I witness the different fabulous superb car from luxury to business, fuel efficient to diesel endurance car, from huge SUV’s to hybrid cars. Better than Tokyo Drift and gone in 60 seconds my favorite movie. You know why? Because it’s only on my beloved country which is the Philippines . So you better experience and witness this event live for your eyes only.

The program was visited on Day 1 by the no other than the VIP President of the Philippine Republic. Honorable Benigno Noynoy Aquino Jr., Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers in the Philippines (CAMPI) Officials and Staff also my fellow media.

President Noynoy is very much supportive and passionate to car and this industry. So he delivers great speech, inspiration and talk to the milestone growth of this car industry rapid growth. “I must confess: driving peacefully on a smooth, empty highway is one of my favorite luxuries. I did manage to get behind the wheel a few times despite my hectic schedule, much to the horror of my security people," Said President Noynoy as he even known to drive his staff to their hotels after his campaign. I was shocked, Wow what a great servant leader.

For me as I roamed around got some picture and videos of the cars, pretty ladies, knowledgeable car friendly specialist, lot of promos and discounts offer, booth and attended some seminars. I found out that every car makers or the group vision (CAMPI) itself not only sells car but they are very concerned about the safety and security of each customer.

Theirs a booth that educate public to go green and I got a lot of story to tell. Fuel saving, Diesel, Fast Burning, Clean Burning Tips, Green Symposium/Advocacy, Seminars, Security, Safety, Insurance, Driving skills a lot more.

"Perhaps in our own small way, we can help spread awareness, provide information, help increase our understanding on what we as individuals can do to help mitigate climate change by lowering our carbon footprint through healthier daily habits that not only help save the environment, but help save money as well," CAMPI president Elizabeth Lee said.

I also witness the education and knowledge about every car representative offer to the public. I wish I have more time to study every parts and engine also its safety.

“Drive The Green Road” just remember me about the tree planting event. I attended to La Mesa water shed last month, to save our mother land. That every person who owns a car must plant at least 10 trees, well I owned 1 and already planted more than ten. But I still wanted to plant more.

Philippine International Motor Show "Greener and Grander" event is the most magnificent car and eco friendly great car show held twice a year.

Aside from  this the show the show also do Charity. They also donate toys to less fortunate kids. The program called "More Smiles, Less Piles"

For your Convenience about New Car Info's, Please see this Press Release Kit I Hosts and Compiled.
From various Artist, Useful Web-links Publication, Cool Photo's  and from Car Company's Itself.
16 Posts Compressed of New Cars, Hollywood Celebrities and History of CAMPI
See you at next International Motor Show Ok? 
Please See the Pics Highligths of my Coverage Below:

Join Subaru Impreza Challenge Every Year

Last Year Nov 2009 Me and My Bro Danilo witness the ASIAN Subaru hand Challenge 2009. So here's the challenge in Manila Qualifying to Asian Challenge and Win a Brand new Subaru Impreza and all expense trip to Singapore plus cash. Well, i miss the Elizabeth hotel, Zook Party, Orchard and Shopping. Also the Peking Duck and Singapore Cuisine. And the F1 experience and the remarkable date with Ms World @ Singapore Flyer.
 National Team Subaru singapore @ Takashimaya Nov 2009

Like them on Facebook

The Subaru Impreza Challenge (Manila Leg) is a 30 Hour endurance challenge where the contestants would need to keep their hands on the vehicle for 3 straight days with only 5 minutes every six hours battling extreme weather conditions and pushing their physical and mental limits! Test Your mental and physical limits and be among of the 10 contestants to fly to singapore!! Registration Period: August 16 - September 18,2010 Requirements: I. Accomplished/ Indemnity Application Form II. 2X2 Picture III. Photocopy of Valid Passport.
 2009 Top 10 Winners @ BCG Open Parking, Manila, Philippines
 5 minute break every 6 hours(beat the Singaporean winner 3days)
A very tiring day!

Me and My Bro at Subaru HQ Singapore 2009
 Pimp my Ride @ Subaru HQ
@Singapore Victory Party Rock on Bro on the Guitar Key!!!
With the Winner and the Boss Ariel de Jesus
 Pic With Ardie Lopez and Media Subaru Staff @ Elizabeth Hotel.
 Changi Airport Via Singapore Airlines with cool Subaru Staff's
Singaporean Cuisine
Nice Singaporean an Asian Exotic Food
Join now! See Registration Tomorrow 2010 Challenge