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Boating, Camping, Stargazing, Mountaineering & Taal Volcano Weekend @

I had a pretty good Boating, Camping, Stargazing, Boy Scout Tent Camping, Eco Trekking, Mountaineering & Taal Volcano trip last Weekend @ Taal Lake Yacht Club in Talisay, Batangas now if you like to go to this place you may take see the Map or the public transport route here. See the Boat above? That's where I ride to go to Taal Volcano Lake Crater. 

For travel by boat 40 mins I was on the Volcano mountain already. Then another 40mins-1hour walk to its main crater. And it was safe because I have signed the waiver, wear the life Jacket and I have a professional tour guide and boat driver employed by Taal Lake Yatch Club. 
Peter the sailing expert who won's lot of boating recognition around the world. He organize the regatta event and lots of boating sports adventure. Instructs his staff on signage going to Taal Lake Yacht Club. Because some tourist both local and foreign were being mislead by some locals. 

To go to unsafe boat with no life Jacket going to the Volcano crate. So its quite risky and dangerous. So Peter and Co provides safety and a peace of mind to the local and foreign tourist.   
Hobie Parts
On white board, Instructions on Boating & Hobie Racing
TLYC Sponsors like Anvaya, Blackberry, Volvo, Visa and Mastercard
Sailing, Kayaking and Volcano Tours - But you may see the Inn is Just Beside the TLYC if your looking for hotel. Or the Balai Isabel is just 5 minutes away from the club.
Sailing Paradise
I believe it can accommodate more than 300 boats and hobie craft
Schooling and Instructions are important we also done this during our Subic Bay Adventure as well as MS Turanor Trip to the largest floating solar boat.
From Manila Peter told me its campaign about Environment protection on Lake. That the most we can do is to educate the public. Philippines is so lucky to have more than 7000 island and great seas.

That's my tent, where I sleep last Friday
Sailing Apparels Souvenirs and Mini Canteen
Registration Area with Friendly Local Staff
Mandatory Safety First
Green walkways with nice landscape and trees 

Scoreboard Regatta

Parking Hobie 
It takes 1 or 2 hour to assemble this with at least 2 staff or crews

Sailing Flags

Pretty much nice constellation stargazing at night

Night Vision
Cool Lake Breeze 9pm
Urban Escape
The towns natural night silence and peaceful view
You can even sleep on top of hobie
My Tent Im a boy-scout you know
You can do this as well and rent the place and tent to them
Local tourist going to Volcano
All safe with lifejacket

Hut for rent
Ideal for Family Gatherings and Business Meeting
Boat Transpo and the Club also have Trailer for Members
Good morning! This is Paradise
Wow lake green weeds
Lovers from Tagaytay and Manila going to Volcano
Im a coastguard now
Smooth Sailing
Front of the Boat
Fresh Air
Like Car See the Boat Driver?
Horse ride 500-750 depends on the distance
It takes maybe 3-5 trip depends on how fast you move
 and stay to appreciate the volcano's beauty
They fall in line like Taxi
Advisable for elders to ride because trekking and hiking is quite tough
It takes 30mins-1 hour to go go volcano it depends 
on how fast you walk or how fast is your horse
I advice you wear trekking shoes, jogging pants, long sleves
Because its slippery and to protect you skin from insects
exotic plants and makahiya thorns 
They are the experts
Kamote or Sweat Potato Farm
You need to put sunblock
Rewarding pain and view
Be careful I slept 5 times going back and fort
View of Rice Terraces Farm
Taal Lake, you need to bring a lot of water but if you wont
 water and soft-drink up cost 50 pesos to help the locals
Taal Lake Crater 
Stop over for 3-10 minutes to catch up breath
Its ok to walk for an hour but the problem is the up and down slope
Its quite painful in the lungs and whole body
Boat Driver and Tour Guide
Rewards of Pain, Some tourist quit walking and get horse
But I do endure pain in short, sando and sandals 
Trek unprepared though
The most active volcano in the ring central world of fire
I would recommend 3 foot, i mean you used stick as a guide in challenging mountain slope
It works for me my 2 arms were working on stick in coordinates with my 2 legs who is quite tired and challenged. Good for people who ride the horse though. But I can imagine the Mt Everest people they do this for week. Me only for half day, so I must not give up to eventually to ride horse.

see the unexplore beauty of the Philippines
Some of the areas were really hot
But some areas you can swim
Discover its beauty
More fun in the Philippines
Like this view?
Taal Volcano crater hot lake waters
Horse on Rest
Hot Sauna
I Swim here
Come here
Rock on hot place
I like to bring tent and cook here next time
To kill all the odor and bacteria in my body
Sulfuric and Salty green clean water
Some water are hot but some are ok for swimming
Imagine Grand Canyon
Or Moon and Outer space
To know more about volcano trip and sailing
You can boil egg here
Sharp Thorns on this Plant

Aray Pose
Volcano Rocks
Step yes, no - you need to step faster to avoid sinking to heat
Like to bring stone souviner
I wish to do bbq or cooked smoked fish here on foil next time
Red Rock, White clouds, Blue Skies and a smoke 
Quite dangerous sometimes erupt
the genie said; salamanca
be careful with pretty ladies and handsome gentlemen
its normal for them to decline
Normal to get busted
say chesse
how hot can you take?
Boiling waiting for a perfect time to erupt
I my feet here so that my athletes foot get dead
I conquer Taal Volcano Crater
Many More
Local tourist
Tour guides
Be carefull some sandy and rocks fall so the water is really hot
Hot Taal Volcano Crater Lake
Path less travelled
Crater smoke
Hungry for adventure?
Define curiosity?
red rock
This is Paradise
Ang Sweet
Point to the Hot Smoke
Im looking for Red Hot Lava?
Common go down here for another 20minutes

Horse ride

Singaporeans on College Field Trip
On mountain survival these local are the experts

Baby Horse

From Far we Seen Balai Isabel Hotel and TLYC House
Summer fever and sea adventure is on
Too Many Water lilies and fresh sea weeds 
you may take home for aquarium
TLYC is full of coconut tress
Ready Sinbad the sailor?
They also have rescue powerboat
Hobie Sport Cruiser 

Controls easy left and right so its push and pull in sailing
Peter and Carla told me that they are sailing all over the place. And do charities to most people in the islands. Who don't have electricity to provide and stuff books for education. They are passionate to promote sailing in the Philippines. 
Anvaya Cove Hobie Sponsor
Imagine Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission Odyssey and Waterworld Life?
Sailors meal with Rhum Coke in a sailors table and glass
Carla the illonggo sailor for m Bacolod was an Excellent Chef
Aside from actively involve in  Hobie Cat Aficionados of the Philippines she is a good cook as well She prepared Japanese Style Salad for Us. Peter told me that's her secret to a mens that goes to heart. I aked how bout men? He told flowers...hehe now i know more..
Food goes directly to the heart
Artifacts and treasures of the sea
The experts in assembly thanks staff 
Peter told me that Hobie this is like ford car company in models. Now he got different models let say ford ranger, focus, mustang, expedition. Now Hobie Cat got Mirage Drive, Sport, Outback, Oasis, Outfitter and Revolution etc. 
Checking for safety sailing 
Demonstrate the proper way of using the sailing outfit
Before we go to hobie fleet
Boots ideal to clip the foot on hobie fleet while sailing
Navy Seals ready on Marine attack adventure
Listen and learn for m the Pro

Demo on wearing the boating outfit
You cap and shades must have lace on it
So i left mine
Proper parking and handling of hobei cats
Wind is our speed
I got a chance to drive this boat and its so easy as just like left and right.
Even two 12years old can make this boat run
Peter Capotosto my hobie Boating Mentor
Since I'm quite heavy 195 lbs, the boat may move slower but its ok I need to get a partner who is slim during competition. But for fun their is no weight limit.

We pull together prepare to depart
It can be pulled also by 1 man
Or can be sailed by 1 person but the ideal 
is 2persons with 280lbs combined ideal total weight 
Peter told me a lot of thing about sailing and Philippines military history
Since both of our family were on the service mostly Navy things

Told me - Don't be afraid you wont fall, 
just lean back and in case you got life-jacket

Peanuts and Boat Sport, Hiking Conversations

Peter raffles and give its staff some gifts and furniture's
Before he left Philippines going to US for 2 months nest couple of days
Going home to Manila with Jana-German and Glen-American Married Hobie Enthusiast. See my interview their video on hobie boating and encourages people and beginner like me to try it. With the Club President Peter as well tell interesting stuff about Also you may see this video on the actual sea as we sail the hobie cats. 

3 hobie boat were sailing during that time and the wind is good, we move faster than speed boat and motorboat because of the wind. This place is ideal for camping, barkada's hangout, competition like amazing race, family gathering and team building.

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