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Lateral Drift Championship Manila, Philippines 2012

Alex Perez, Audel Sison, David Feliciano
The most spiritual winner Kudos to the Drift King See his video I got here

I used to drift all over sm megamall and shangrila parking during weekend morning before the people comes. sssshh Please keep quite. Couple of years ago before my Mits Galant got broken. Quite bad i got penalize by the almighty father. But last month I have a real drift adventure with Ronnie. Who taught me lot of pro drifting techniques since im an amateur. This addiction started last 2007 red racing school up to go carts sometimes i drift it. 

Since it takes a lot of cash to cough to sustain this interesting extreme exciting stuff. Its good to see and watch the Manila  Version of Tokyo drift. I arrived at Manila Ocean Park on a foggy afternoon. Then I was able to see that they do it rain or shine. told me lot of stuff on judging while he introduce me to the other judges who seems to be are former race and AF2 champions. Also I realize, That its not all about the speed, but instead the merit and demerit. That the car must do always drift while smoking and driving waving his hand on us or audience. While im on stage with the judge and announcer sports drift ESPN commentator.  
Atoy Llave- Hyundai Customized Genesis Coup
He does also the Custom Car of Champ Pacman & Former President Erap

Good thing that through contest i was able to join racing for free. As well as motosports amazing race. Plus lots of car rally roadshow, car show and presscon as a digital strategist or blogger. Yesterday I was at DC kickoff manila qualifying to win an all expense trip to Singapore. Good to see DC Monster Energy Showdown sponsored enthusiast again do the actual race. Quite similar to Tuason Racing School and   Red Bull, BMW video Challenge.  Ill make the yesterday DC post the blog later. In memory i won to last Ken Block DC 43 limited edition shoes i won in facebook video contest last year.
Lateral Drift Press: Round 1 of 2012 Lateral Drift Championship Series held last Saturday, July 28, 2012, at the Quirino Grandstand. It was a guaranteed successful kick-off event for automotive drifting fans as they witnessed sideways action of the Lateral Drift Championship Series held last weekend at Quirino Grandstand.  Celebrity drifter Ryan Agoncillo and Atoy Co the Car Customizer were also part of the contestants.

Last year, only a portion of the grandstand was occupied, specifically the curved road going to the entrance of Ocean Park because it was partnered up with another event. But this year the entire Parade Grounds was solely occupied only for drift action for spectators to enjoy. In 2006 the Parade Grounds was one of the venues used during its early events when they were starting up, and back then drifting was not as popular. 

Now, they smoke, burn rubber, and rev their engines like they never did before in front of the Manila crowd. The track layout was similar to the Formula D Malaysia, Mardeka street battle.  A total of 25 drivers (18 Pro & 7 Amateurs) were able to participate, and the others due to car problems were forced to park their cars instead and enjoy the thrill of Round 1. The Pro drivers were delighted and honored to see one of the pioneers of Philippine Drifting, from Team DMF founder “David Murphy Feliciano”. 
 Final 4 Car on Pro Category Night Rain Lateral Drift 
Capture by my LG L3 quite blurry on Rain

It was his first time to compete locally and has now enjoyed competing sideways with his former students. Feliciano has represented the Philippines internationally for Formula Drift Asia last 2009 and 2010. After all the practice runs, the action started with the Amateur Division. Top 4 were the following: Jet Mathay of Team DMF/HKS, Rad Albano of Team Autocraft, Jesus Sala, and Robert Tan.  Newbies Tan & Albano battled for 3rd place. Albano a student of 2012 Pro Champion Audel Sison, took the 3rd place position. 

The Battle for 1st with Jet Mathay and Jesus Salas was close to the edge, as both drivers were skilled similarly to pro drifters already. Jet Mathay of Team DMF drift and his HKS Nissan S15 took 1st place for Round 1. In the Pro division you can see how highly skilled all these drifters were. Judges Pepon Marave (AF3 Champion), Ronnie Trinidad (, and Mon Rayos (Co-founder of Lateral Drift) were highly experienced in judging drift angles, clipping points, speed, and style. The final 4 Pro Division, were former 5th time 

Champion Alex Perez of Team Yellow Cab, Boodie Dabasol of Team Drift G, David M. Feliciano of Team DMF Drift, and the 2012 Lateral Drift Champion Audel Sison of  Team Autocraft. The battle for 3rd place between Boodie Dabasol, and David Feliciano was a cat and mouse game. Both drivers showed great speed, line, and angle but Feliciano showed more of what was needed to take 3rd place ranking. The Championship battle between the 2 champs showed how hungry they were for this year crown. 

Both runs were so clean, as the objective of the game is to mirror the opponent who is the head, with a closest gap possible. After a close look at video replays the judges ruled and awarded the 2nd place to Alex Perez and 2012 overall champ Audel Sison took 1st place as Round 1 Champion.     

Lateral drift Championship 2012 will have its next 2nd Round on August 18, 2012 and venue to be announced on Racing Beat, Wave 891 on Wednesday 8pm and others to be posted on their page and media partners. Lateral Drift would like to thank Dickies, DC shoes, 

Light Hand Dental Clinic, Atoy Customs, Aikka Paints, and EDSA hosting. Our media friends and partners Philippines Daily Inquirer, Wave 891, Racing Beat, AutoReview, StoplightTV, Top Gear Philippines,, Powerwheels, Motorcycle Magazine, and    
Photo Credits: Lazlo Trinidad

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