Saturday, October 30, 2010

AXN TARA Viewing National Sports Grill

Last Oct 28, 2010 was the AXN TARA Viewing National Sports Grill at Greenbelt 3. I have the chance to chat with The Amazing Race Asia Partners Richards and Richards. And its really cool to be in this event with the presence of Olympics hall of fame and Great sports icon venue which is the National Sports Grill at Greenbelt 3. Richards talked to me about adventure sports and i told him that was the last champion for Amazing Race Philippines wipe-out Challenge was my brother Danilo. also i have an Audition with this  challenge last couple of months with Boy Kuripot, hopefully i can enter next year. Ever-since i lost the finals  AXN wipeout last year, 2005 and 2007 AXN-Caltex challenge but its still good to belong to finals in Philippine AXN Challenge who happened both in SM MOA. You can feel the presence of Non stop action adventure as the Race continue all over the world. Last week is their Pit-stop in our Home-Country the Philippines and it was so exciting stay tune to AXN for more details. Jetski, Run, Mind, Extra-challenge Adventure fun see this video.... 
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 Lani with the Bloggers
Stay Cool Racers
For more Info Visit
In this site you can win 4000$ for online contest just play the games which i regularly played. Also you can participate in this coming RACE this November event with your partner at SM North to win 1000US$ which me and my brother won last year at SM MOA. See you there with my partner in MA way-back 2007 and fellow blogger Alvin Gale. Visit and like them on facebook for more promos and non stop action games. Are you hungry for Adrenaline rush adventure? Lets Race!!!
 Courtesy of Juan Rafael Liwanag's Photo
Mouth Watering Hail Amazing Race!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Auto Repair Shop Chicago IL, USA

I am a great fan of the Chicago Bulls NBA Basketball Team Champions. I wish i can meet Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in this winners place sometime. So if i or you could drive to Chicago Metropolitan Area with  Toyota Camry or Whatever Toyota model that need Auto repair or emergency check up. Wherever i or you from east-coast to west-coast wither sports, business, family trip. I have no worries if I've got problem with the engine or with the check engine light indicator. Because of 24/7 roadside assistance of Chicago Auto Repair Shop. 

Visit the Site or like them at facebook "Repair Car, Car Care Confidence" 
Birds eye view of Chicago, IL Metropolis Area Map based on Google Earth

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

International Outsourcing Summit Oct 26-27 at Sofitel Plaza

International Outsourcing Summit will be on Oct 26-27 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza which is a unique 5star luxury hotel in Manila. The gathering of the experts, big bosses and masterminds of the Trillion dollar  rapidly growing BPO = Business Process Outsourcing to the Philippines and entire world Industry. Also it define through Search Profile Index on  how  your company performs on the internet.

BPO or business process outsourcing industry is 1 of the biggest industry rapidly growing here in the Philippines. In times of change and developments leaders from this industry organize, classified, gathers together to constantly improve the process. For more than 5 years of experience working in BPO selling Websites, SEO and Business Listing. To the largest business institution of the world called America. I found out that group of men of various skills gathers, classifying and making great solutions. For what? To produce better performance, better result, good quality, customer-client long lasting relationship and share success stories (best industry practices/procedures). By using new media in the 21st century and expanding opportunities.

Who needs to Attend?
Everybody who wants to grow in this industry. Like  the call center people, inbound, outbound, telemarketers, medical transcriptionist, HR, Call Center executives, BPO executives. 

More than 250 attendees from 15 countries have been confirmed to date, and more are expected to attend all over the world. The summit is being made possible by top BPO's corporation like Accenture, Aegis PeopleSupport, Chevron Holdings Inc., Convergys, Dell International Service Philippines, Inc., Deutsche Knowledge Services Pte. Ltd., HSBC Global Resourcing, IBM, Infosys BPO, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Manulife Business Processing Services, Procter & Gamble Business Services, SPi Technologies, Sykes Asia Inc., Teletech, TELUS International Philippines, Inc., Thomson Reuters, and StarTek, Inc.

Top outsourcing executives, allied industry leaders, and prominent analysts will be sharing their insights on key issues and opportunities for the industry. Key speakers include Armand Angeli, Cofounder & President, European Outsourcing Association (EOA); Alfredo Ayala, Chair, BPAP; Maulik Parekh, CEO, SPi Global; Jack Jones, Global Solutions Head, JP Morgan Chase & Co.; Aparup Sengupta, MD & Global CEO, Aegis Limited; Nikhil Rajpal, Principal, Everest Group; Oscar Sanez, President & CEO, BPAP; Raju Bhatnagar, VP for BPO Initiatives, NASSCOM; and Swaminathan Dandapani, CEO & MD, Infosys BPO Ltd.

Full Delegate Registration Fee
Early Bird
(Until August 5, 2010)
(By August 6, 2009)
(After October 13, 2010)
US$ 555 US$ 613 US$ 704
Php 24,960 Php 27,600 Php 31,680
*Dollar values are subject to change based on prevailing exchange rate on date of payment.

Full Delegate Fee covers:
  • Attendance at plenary sessions at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza on October 26 – 27
  • Attendance to discussion panels
  • Attendance to breakout sessions
  • IOS Connect: Business matching session

Outsourcing Summit

This event is organize by Team Asia.

Ingat Pilipinas Advocacy, Road Safety

Private-Public Coalition Rallies the Philippines to become an “Ingat Nation”
Road Safety a Priority with 80% of Road Accidents Caused by Human Error 
Human error and accident  is everywhere. Me myself made 4 minor car accident past 4 years. Although you can call it very minor like gasgas, atras or pintura lng yan. Its still an accident and human error. 

PNP-Highway Patrol Group reported over 20,008 road accidents in 2009  Statistics from the PNP-Highway Patrol Group revealed that there were over 20,008 road accidents reported in 2009—this means that there are around 50 road accidents that occur in the Philippines on a daily basis. As we speak, 2 vehicles have probably gotten into an accident during the past hour. 8% of total daily person trips] depending on buses, jeepneys taxis, tricycles, trains and padyaks or whatever forms of transportation. As million of pinoy cummuters entrust their/out lives to our Manong driver or equivalent to piloto or capitan in ship or plane.
 I/We all pledge
 Police Transportation Safety Officer Send Message to Public
 I signed and promote Ingat Pilipinas Advocacy 
Synergy for Public Safety Agencies
“We may think nothing of riding public utility vehicles to work or to school, but it’s actually an act of trust,” says  Eros Zuniga, National President of Safety Organization of the Philippines Inc. (SOPI). “It’s trusting the drivers to get us to our destinations on time; it’s trusting them to have checked and fine-tuned their vehicles; it’s trusting them to follow road signs-- it’s trusting them with our lives.”
Safety Pledge Let's do this all
Human error occur when people/drivers violate traffic violations, poor health or visibility condition or engine brake trouble.
So follow rules like don't drink and drive,  don't take drugs, check your car oil, brakes, engine regularly and always obey traffic rules!

With the realization of how the element of human error played a big role in the day-to-day lives of Filipinos, the public-private coalition Ingat Pilipinas was formed.

Composed of the PNP-HPG (Highway Patrol Group), MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority), the Department of Labor and Employment and its sub-agencies the Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC), from the public sector and SOPI (Safety Organization of the Philippines) and leading headache relief brand, Biogesic, from the private sector, Ingat Pilipinas is working to reinforce the values of safety consciousness and effectiveness among Filipinos and in the country as a whole.

For me Walang Hari ng Kalsada, Lets Practice Hari ng Pag-Iingat
If Venice has its gondolas; Japan its bullet trains, and the Far East its rickshaws, the Philippines has its jeepneys. They’re a public necessity as much as they are a cultural symbol,” notes MMDA Engr.  Emilio Llabor.

A  2010 survey of the most popular modes of transport in Metro Manila revealed that the major factors that contribute to accidents can all be classified under human error. 64% of drivers identified vehicle malfunction traceable to neglect or “pagpapabaya sa sasakyan” as a reason for accidents; 44% cited overspeeding or “pagpapatakbo ng sasakyan ng mabilis na hindi alinsunod sa speed limit”; 23% mentioned overloading or “sadyang pagsobra sa pagsakay ng pasahero o kagamitan”; and 22% said breaking traffic rules or “hindi pagsunod sa batas trapiko” caused accidents. 

Sakit sa ulo, sakit sa trabaho?
“It’s unfortunate how many of the factors that result in accidents—overspeeding, engine failure, violation of traffic signs, and ‘sama ng pakiramdam’– could have all been otherwise avoided,” asserts Joey Romana of Biogesic.

In describing how headaches affected their driving, some drivers mentioned, “nawawalan ng concentration,” “nagiging mainitin ang ulo,” or “nawawala sa mood” as a result of their affliction.  More than the mood changes however, there were drivers whose quality of driving was affected by headaches. Some shared, “hindi na ako nakakadiskarte ng maayos sa pagda-drive,” “nawawala sa wisyo, nawawala sa ayos ang pagddrive,” “nagro-wrong turn na,” and “nagugulo ang pagmamaneho.” Meanwhile, others who did not want to risk these things opted to go home even if, in their words, “nawawalan kami ng kita.”

Basta Driver, Safety Lover - Famous Chant Totoo ba ito? I think so
Ingat Pilipinas recognizes that human error, and how it manifests on the road, is a big problem— with different facets and different stakeholders who need to start working on them.

Philippine National Police- Highway Patrol Group
Traffic Accident Statistics, 2007, 2008 and 2009.  

Electrolux Wash-a-Palooza Race

We have a cool Wash-a-Palooza Race last Saturday Oct 17, 2010 at Eastwood City, Libis QC. Organized and sponsored by Electrolux the global leader in appliances. Like Washing Machines, Dryer, Pop-Up Toaster, Steam Iron, Rice Cooker and Coffee Maker. The race was like the famous AXN Amazing race asia where the 4 of us namely Jeffrey, Jeff and Jonel of Team Jacob do obstacles, mind, problem solving, teamwork, running, map reading and lots of adventure challenge all over the big area. After we got a cool relaxing concert party with hits from popular Filipino band True Faith. Good thing that we bring home the beacon after we compete with other media, electrolux employees and competitors.

Celebrate thoroughly clean laundry in less time with Electrolux’ Front Load Washers 
Electrolux’ Front Load Washers now come with time saving features to give you more time to celebrate life 
To give you background of Electrolux Appliance it is a global leader in home appliances and appliances for professional use, selling more than 40 million products to customers in 150 countries every year. The company focuses on innovations that are thoughtfully designed, based on extensive consumer insight, to meet the real needs of consumers and professionals. Electrolux products include refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and cookers sold under esteemed brands such as Electrolux, AEG-Electrolux, Zanussi, Eureka and Frigidaire. In 2009, Electrolux had sales of SEK 109 billion and 51,000 employees. For more information, visit

Electrolux ‘ Front Load Washers are now designed to help busy moms and families of all sizes get thoroughly clean clothes in less time with innovative time saving features.
Electrolux’ Front Load Washers EWF 10741 and 1282 both have the Time Manager Function, which lets you choose how long your laundry should take.  
For superior cleaning, they have the Jetspray feature, which showers water and detergent at a constant rate through your clothes and directly onto dirt for a more thorough wash, and special wash programs to clean different fabric times.  
The EWF 1282 also has a larger drum to help reduce the number of wash-loads and accommodate larger items like comforters to help save even more time.   
Meanwhile, the EWF 85561 and EWF 85761 both have the Super Quick Wash function that reduces washing time by almost half.  
The EWF 85561 has a 6.5 kg. loading capacity, a size ideal for singles and small families, while the larger EWF 85761 has a 7 kg. loading capacity perfect for growing families.  
Both washers also have a wider drum for even better circulation and cleaning. They also work more quietly so you can relax in your room while doing the laundry – it has a Coin Trap feature that eliminates noise coming from coins and other objects left in clothes during the wash and Active Balance Control, which distributes the load evenly in the washing machine to lessen noise and vibration.  
Check out the Electrolux Front Load Washers now and get thoroughly clean laundry in less time.
For more information on Electrolux’s Front Load Washers, call Electrolux’s customer care trunk line at 845-CARE (2273) or domestic  toll-free  number  1-800-10-845-CARE  (2273) or visit their website at
For further information, please contact:
Terry Sales  
Marketing Manager, Electrolux Philippines 
Marie Lee  
Account Manager, Campaigns PR Inc  
Share more of our thinking on
Get thorough clean with the latest in washing technology from the new Electrolux T-Drive Washers 
Electrolux’s T-Drive technology gives you better cleaning and other laundry benefits versus traditional washing technology.
Unseemly residue stains. Uneven cleaning. Tangled clothes. Are these familiar problems to you?You probably don’t realize that these all stem from traditional washing technology – and that’s why one of the world’s leading innovators in washing machine has come up with new technology to solve these age-old laundry problems with the new Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine.  The new Electrolux Top Load washers come with the advanced T-Drive Technology that gives you better clean than before. 
T-Drive technology promises a +35% Cleaner Washing Performance  – it uses a paddle to replicate the thorough yet gentle action of hand-washing, giving you washing performance that’s 35% better than conventional pulsator topload washers.
It also comes with a uniform washing system, which delivers constant cleaning from the top to the bottom of the drum, regardless of the load size – so that all pieces of clothing are thoroughly washed. 
The T-Drive technology also comes with an Anti-Tangle and Anti-Residue system. It cycles water uniformly throughout the drum and gently separates clothes for a tangle-free wash, while its unique agitating action delivers better detergent dilution than other top load washers to prevent unseemly detergent residues appearing on dried clothes.  
Plus, it’s an eco-friendly appliance as it has an Eco Rinse Program that saves up to 50% of the water used on extra rinse cycles. It works by spraying water only in small pulses. After each pulse, the drum spins to remove the dirty water from the clothes. 
The Electrolux T-Drive Top Load Washers come in two models – the EWT 705 with a 7 kg. loading capacity and the EWT 905 with 9 kg. loading capacity. 
Solve old laundry problems with the latest in laundry technology – experience thorough clean with the T-Drive technology of Electrolux’s Top Load Washers
For further information, please contact: 
Customer Care : (+63) 2 845 2273 
Toll Free Number : 1-800-10-845-2273 
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Netsuite: Hairball Business Solutions Prescon @ Manila Pen / Win Trip to NY

The Netsuite business solution cloud computing launch last presscon at Manila Peninsula Hotel. Oct 14, 2010 when the Top Executives or world premiere software began to talk about the growth and use of this sofware all over the world. Headed by CEO Zach Nelson (Picture 3rd from the left with blonde hair who looks like Coach Phil Jackson) who have more than 2decades of expertise in executive technology. Like VP of Oracle, Exe of Sun and Mc Afee. Together with him is David Downing CMO, Cris Schafer VP, James Dantow GM Philippines worldwide support. This software will help you solve "hairball problems" i mean ......Please see this video...

<object width="400" height="400"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=";hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="400" height="400"></embed></object>
So you think this will help you maximize your company's profit. Without compromising the quality capability of your service or product you offer? Like netsuite ( clients Jolibee, Pancake and La Salle here in the Philippines. Zach said our target is the not only the fortune500 companies but also the fortune 5million companies around the globe. With more 6600 customers worldwide as of Dec 31, 2009 and growing. 80 percent from mainland US, 20 percent from different of other countries worldwide. And Zach said this is a fast growing distribution in Asia especially the Philippines. 

As i do research of this big corporation and based on the press-con, facts/data that i gathered. I realized that with 5years of negotiating/managing in call center deals. Selling websites, SEO's and Business Listing in the largest chain of business of the world called America. I realized that this software can reduced the cost and potential threat to network. Why? Speaking of production and generating reports it should be real time. In call center its crucial the data it hot every minute counts. I conclude that the company assets can distinguish easily the revenue earned and lost per hour even per minute using this technology. 

As Zach answer lots of questions from us and the media. When you think about it Cloud Computing, Accounting System, Updated Taxation Philippines Law System, Inventory System, Real Time Data Reports, Real Processing all in one? Awesome Expansion, Security, Growth, Assets called bottom-line fast RESULT! As other company can set up the whole system for 3-5years why not do netsuite for 3-6 months? I think its just as high as you raise in the 007 game called poker. As we understand and realize the use of fast media in decision making like in a snap of a finger. Then we can have a productive world and better business solutions to live in. Hows that? the new age is here and now...think about much time can you save? how much resources can you maximize? how much growth can you acquire? security, quality, innovation and more..why buy a lot of software if you can use a few effective and safest way possible...all in one..

You want to have more info clarification and hear the answer? From the your favorite search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia even the CEO and Netsuite Executives?
Visit the Site and like follow them on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. This is exciting if you want to win Trip to USA click here. Thanks to E commerce Philippine Author and Influential blogger founder for guiding and inviting me to this Exciting Big Technology Event.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nokia N97 Experience

Its been a week already since i used this Nokia N97 NSeries from WOM london. Designed in Finland this cool like mini laptop smart phone make my map navigation so easy. The experience of driving from metro manila make so easy with the use of this smart phone that i don't need to buy GPS anymore. It has an access to nearest parking lot, gas station. Parking which is beneficial for everybody who travels a lot. The birds eye view and the 3d version makes the navigation so realistic. Making you more knowledgeable of each an every street and avenue of the Philippines. Map Features making me feel riding a chopper or an private plain using this awesome phone. Well you have to test it to your nearest dealer and see for your self the value of using this all around phone tech stuff! 
See this Video:
If you travel outside the country you can still navigate and you wont miss the time accuracy because of its timezone feature. That enables you to reset and navigate the time of various country, since i work in Call Center US market i would know what time in the area very accurate even when thiers no internet or electricity.

The case is solid and durable that when you flip it you would feel the good quality by sound. Hows that? Well again you have to test it again for yourself and be convince. Also the 5 megapixel camera captures great video and pictures use for my blogging adventures. 
Facebook and internet social medias connects me to the world 24/7 and i can browse fresh news or research something in just a second snap of a finger. Anytime anywhere Nokia N97 brings out the best experience in me. This technology is so user friendly that you can navigate the stuff the easiest and simplest way possible. do it like a regular cellphone way upside down or the PSP way and play is game application inside-out. You walk round and round that you can carry the digital world inside your pocket. 
           For more info about this cool stuff you may visit            

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Subaru Impreza Hand Challenge 2010 @ Eastwood

Last year 2009 and this year Sept 18-19, 2010 Subaru Impreza Hand Challenge @ Eastwood, Libis Quezon City. Was a cool challenge for me and my Brother Danilo Biadog Jr. Who seems to be a national 2 time winner top 10. We flew to Singapore last year to witnessed this great Asian Regional Final event since 2002.

You will have a break of 5 minutes every 6 hours hand stay on the car. And also to avoid 3 strike penalty which kick me out last month. Apple Joy Balibado and my Brother were the top 1 and 2 respectively to this challenge stay at 29 hours. Last 2008 winner George Lee, a Singaporean stays for 81 hours and 30minutes.

See this cool video made by Ardie Lopez of Auto Extreme who seems to be the media partner to this year event and last year.

The last month challenge was so exciting as we were entertained by Bands, Subaru Girls, Ardie, James Deakin (C Magazine EIC), RT 95.5 Radio, Ariel De Jesus (Subaru Manager).   

James do hosting while bungee jumping in Eastwood live via RT 95.5 radio. Make some cool jokes and interesting cars and racing stories. Also encouraging people to quit and stay sounds confusing right? You may see you position now very difficult for a couple of days but it may be rewarding if you think about it rewarding you a 1.7 million car plus cash. And all expense trip with allowance, How was that? Last year at Singapore i meet the CEO and Winner of this challenge.

And i learn on how they have chemistry and attraction to each other. The winner never quits event though it was his several times to join the contest. And the CEO made an inspiring talk on Subaru expansion milestone all over the ASIA.

Well, all i can say is this event and trip was so exciting and would like to join again next year. Since i quit 30th to the last of 95 participants. You need to experience it to stay for a long period of time to beat the time of those 95 participants. Like survival of the fittest last man standing but the top10 got the all paid expense and great experience to regional finals in Singapore this last week of October and first week of November. Subaru and the challenge also have the chemistry like what i can see is "Endurance" for car and human.

Stay update about the new Subaru Car Sedan and Impreza hand Challenge Result Next month.

The 2011 WRX new sedan display was so cool and excitement and expectations (I think they will answer Jasper next hope next). For new Subaru excitement from my fellow participant and Subaru Owner.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ateneo Basketball UAAP Champion 2010, Whats Next

I have a chance to interview Winning Coach Norman Black and with Some Winning Players Of the 2010 UAAP Champions Ateneo Blue Eagles Basketball Team like Ryan Chau, Nico Salva, Eric Salamat and Ryan Buenafe. Earlier O3 Oct 2010 at Ateneo de Manila prior to the wonderful sports mass with remarkable history story telling by Ateneo President Father Jose Magadia Jr. The wonderful Thanksgiving Mass for 3year consecutive winning witnessed by illustrious alumni like Dong Puno and a lot more to mention sings boldly their alma matter during the thanksgiving mass.
 I observed the big fruit bearing tree seed grows of what the Alma matter Reckons to its glorious sons and daughters. Party with Cool exciting band of Parokya ni Edgar Concert, Amazing Fireworks and Bone-fire afterwards.
Well, I spoke to Winning Coach Norman Black (ever since I saw him coaching wayback mobiline in PBA a decade ago) about the mythical five system I asked him. Why not the board didn’t choose from the champions/finals? He replied “well it’s the board’s decision to choose based on season points”. I told him I think it’s quite not ideal because you need also to consider the winning team and position of the player if its center, forward or guard. He told me good idea like the NBA but that’s the decision of the board.  Anyways I think that talented players from the other team was able to work hard to earn points. Norman said “everybody plays everybody work with no selfishness and no dominant player”
As what I can see the main point in winning championship is all about teamwork. Coach Norman understands very well the essence of coaching vital to winning championship. All of the players contribute to make the team successful.
In a Meanwhile Bill Velasco the sports commentator of the Philippines told me and my fellow TV guide and Blue Eagles alumni/blogger. The players were over used and some of  others school varsity players got injured. All I can say is that you can some players may got injured but that’s not an excuse for a team to win the game.  In this case I saw that when other player from this team were injured. Genuine coaching team understands that they need to develop other members to be at par if not exceed each other star player talent and skills.
Speaking of Ryan Chua and Nico Salva I asked them what makes you win the game? They told me they “We really practice like 4 hours a day 6 days a week.   The last game championship we make a very strong defense and all of the team contributes for the offence ever since the start of the season.” Also I asked them what’s next after this when you graduate. I said PBA, PBL career? But what I have in mind is Olympics and NBA. When I told them about the Universiade (an international game about national college champion from different countries, held in US during my varsity years way back 2004) after winning national championships. Because they told me they have like 3 trip international a year like in the USA sponsored by Manny Pangilinan.  Also with the help of endorsement and sponsorship funds. Some of them told me got like Ryan got sponsors/product endorsements from big corporations like Adidas, Nike, Samsung, Avon and a lot more.
I just hope that from this winning after this we can produce next NBA superstar Yao Ming (Rockets)or Tony Kukoc (Bulls) from this winning experience. I mean they are not full blooded American but they make world greatest history. So after PBA, NCAA, UAAP, Nationals what’s next winning? With much more discipline, attitude and passion. I think our Philippine athlete can do more like NBA or Olympics what you think?
This game of sports is for everybody as legend my start somewhere else no matter where you are or no matter what school you have like Ateneo Basketball Team who makes 3 years consecutive winning UAAP 2008, 2009 and 2010.  Wherever you came from it’s the spirit of teamwork and attitude of every believer. Welcome to the winner’s place!