Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trade with Foton Cars

                                         Foton Badge - v1
If i haven't sold my first car which is a Galant Model, I would like to trade it with Foton Car.  Why? last 2010 when I encountered this car Together with fellow lifestyle blogger Flow. We do some amazing race puzzle, dance and a little bit fun games. After I test drive various models in including its pick up. 

Im a sporty guy so i like extreme adventure. So I need a pick up like this that can conquer mountains, floods as well as can carry mountain bike, go carts, wake-boarding stuff even carry boat or hobie for sailing.

Driving this along MOA i can feel its power when I reeved up the gas pedal. While enjoyed its steering wheel like a pro lets say travel double Decker bus driver. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Youth Employment, Education, and Building Skills

As you know many of iconic college drop outs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckenberg etc. Made it to the top billionaire Forbes list at a very young age. So I can say that  Youth Employment, Education, and Building Skills is really important. As far as techno bubble of globalization and economy is concerned. Still most of this people came from obscurity. This is how we must use Development Through Empowerment".

I attended a few network technology summit and gathering here in the Philippines. Most of the aspirants are the youths. Most of them likes to follow the footsteps of the 3 techno icons mention above. I saw a lot of them fail and other are stills hopefuls. But who know's any one of them can be the next world iconic superstars. Like google, oracle, instagram, facebook, twitter, wiki etc to name a few. As startups came a weekly/monthly meeting here in Manila.

It came to a point that some fella I known who international worldwide prestigious competitions like imagine cup by Microsoft, oracle and a lot more. Most of them became apps developer, online freelancers, eCommerce site developer, website moneymakers, social alpha, blog pros and iconic programmers. Most of this youths are still on college some of them are undergrads. As education is not literary mention by masters, degree or certain doctoral. It came to the point that building skills is really important if mixed by love and passion of someones work.

As far as internet and technology is concern. It change our opportunity you can be as fast as you can via internet. You can accomplish work. And search free education online. Many of young pros work from home and got the huge benefit of technology. If you would imagine before you do a banking transaction in a bank that would eat an hour or two of your busy time. Nor book and international flight or by just purchasing items to enable your business. But with the use of technology it can be done by minutes and seconds. Its pretty much saving time and resources right? Aside from using technology to built sports cars, gadgets or  save like water and energy.

Asian Youth Forum is a delicious worldwide event to be witness. To gather up same idealistic young and passionate mind. Also to share delightful info from the most prestigious youth power event across the globe. Imagine Youth Employment, Education, and Building Skills!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pinoy World Basketball Champion NBA Coach

Before watching Pinoy Perform in recent London, Olympics and Previous Basketball International Arena. I can say that Pinoy's got a lot of things to improve. Instead of celebrating local PBA victory and filing a UAAP or NCAA  waste protest. Because the real battle is not on fellow Pilipino players but by the unique synergize team effort to win Olympics, FIBA and  also to play on NBA. If not winning the its MVP highest award or following the footsteps of Erik. 
But when I saw Coach Erik Spoelstra  last month at Marriot Hotel Manila. See his full interview here and media inquiry here. He said he was on PBA try out before but he failed. But he still loves to play to, maybe a blessings  in disguise. So he moved to the US and do basketball there and the rest is history. We spent a lot of budget to this sport but not getting much result. Its like saying let's just invest on our boxers or martial artist. So we reap and bring more result. But basketball is the sport being love by the greater population so lets improve. So lets change our mindset the winning and world champion way. Great job Erik!

Drive Safely on City, Taxi Vs Private

The most smart things to drive in the metro is not by speed but by safety. Last July we conquered Manila and Alabang streets together with Highway Patrol Policeman's, Media, Driving Schools and Private Drivers. But last week we Drive Safely at same Alpha route path-destination together with Taxi , Media and Private participants. Observing the race I saw how we commute on our daily life. As we encounter hazards and urban troubles as we go along point A to point B. Before I saw some drivers ignore Ambulance before. Even in Edsa i witnessed that its normal. For some motorist to ignore  the sirens of priority vehicles like ambulance and firetrucks.
Which I saw a deduction on their score by the judge assigned to each participants. Drivers don't know that the Ambulance is part of the organizing committee. And every-time you make an error lets say acceleration on ideal speed range limit is a deduction to your points. This live competition is not about how fast or slow you are. But to deter the winners you must perfect the traffic law. Even theirs no traffic enforcer or  people looking around. You must drive the ideal speed, follow signs and signal on turns even when there's no car behind. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I want a Monaco F1ashbacks Grand Prix Weekend

If your were thinking of Grand Superior Tennis event you may think of Wimbledon, Football to FIFA, Taekwondo In Korea, Sumo in Japan, Boxing to MGM Arena Las Vegas or NYC for Baseball. But for grandest  historical iconic among all f1 world motor sports races. Must be definitely in Monaco Grand Prix. 

Watching various F1 races and Iron man Monaco Scene movie. Makes my  Grand Prix experience more exciting. The best Monaco Ive even seen was on 2001. At the peak Schumi great F1 career.

It all stated when I won the Red Racing Finals in the Philippines qualifying to f1 race trip schooling to Ferrari HQ, Circuits, Museum  in Italy. Meeting Mika Hakkinen makes f1 my racing fan experience more intimate to the pit stop. With the spirit of British F1 Black Prestigious heartthrob (Pussy Cat Dolls) Champion Hamilton. A lot of people around the world tell good things glamor and glitz in Monaco. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Suzuki holds free motorcycle-riding seminars in Diliman, QC

Suzuki Philippines, in partnership with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the Motorcycle Philippines Federation (MCPF), will hold another round of the Suzuki Motorcycle Safety Learn to Ride Program on September 15 and 16, and Sept. 29 and 30, at the LTO Head Office, East Avenue, in Diliman, Quezon City.

The 2-day seminar will run from 8 am to 5 pm each day for both schedules. All the participants who will pass the driving exam on the second day will receive certificates authorized by the LTO. This certificate of completion can be presented to the LTO when applying for a restriction 1 non-professional driver’s license.

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