Sunday, June 10, 2012

Poor Fans, Boxing is a Big Business and Entertainment Pacman Vs Bradley

You seen it, you've heard it!! Then think about it Poor Fans, Boxing is a Big Business and Entertainment Pacman Vs. Bradley. Now it made you think that you can never always overcome the word called power. Because where-ever you go cheaters and greed are everywhere. So play safe don't be angry just enjoy while it last.

Pacman - Accept defeat and judges decision as gentlemen a test of faith. You got nothing to prove, you almost got everything. If Bradley take away the belt from you. You can still be the ironman, billionaire, genius, talented, playboy pastor, philanthropist, congressman, actor, singer.

Bradley - Lucky guy who benefited from cheating. Silent please! Even Miami win they deserve it, but not you. but its not your fault anyway you do your best. More luck to you, but in fairness to you I would bet on you rather than Mayweather.

Arum - Always business first, I made excitement get benefit from free ads. Also endorsement from Hollywood stars for free. Bad publicity is still a publicity. If your curious watch it again in pay per view so you will made me more richer. The Hollywood and world citizen are going out of crazy thinking about you. Great plan!

Fans - My advice is its happens even in f1 theirs a 100 million scandal, in sumo wrestling, football even in basketball look what happen to Micheal Jordan's father? As Bill Gates always said "Life is unfair get used to it"!

Even though Bradley won fans know he was not. Even a no brainier preschool would say. Watching this on the the Arena Big Screen in SM MOA. Is not worth it of my time. Because I didn't get much satisfaction and think about the benefit of the doubt.

How much more for those people that spends hundreds or even thousand of dollars to see it live in MGM Las Vegas, Nevada. Invest in time on traveling watching a bogus fight. Like what happen to Mayweather-Ortiz scripted fight last couple of months. What a trash! If last Marquez-Pacman last match a draw or lost I can respect the judges.

All I can say is no matter how much you pay the judge even referees and promoter. What you can offer even millions but you can never buy the respect of the public. Specially all eyes are watching now I can say that this is a Big Business and Entertainment on Boxing. Boxing Promoters (including judges) Next time make something worth it and value your fans- customers money. Because they make you live even make you popular.

Thanks to my live sponsor SM MOA the Arena and Campaigns and Grey PR.

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