Saturday, July 21, 2012 Win Prizes on Safety Defensive Driving Contest

I had a great race-pitstop weekend last July 15, 2012. As part of the car who toured around Metro Manila and Alabang. The main challenge is to conquer Manila streets one sign at a time. It may feel like in the combination of circuit racing, chevy car club motorcade rally, gymkhana, armed forces defensive driving and more fun. See our route picture below from Forbes Park, Tollgates, Skyway, Total Gas Stations Challenge, Pasay, Alabang, Edsa, Libis, Greenhills back to Taguig.

Anyhow, Road accidents are the top reasons for heavy traffic in Manila. And I admit i have have a couple of accidents more than 5x. Good thing im fine and some are very minor. Some in the main road even in the easy parking lot. You can't escape minor gasgas and bangga. Now, Around the world 1.3 million involves road accident mostly involves drunk driving. So never ever drink and drive

In Philippines MMDA and PNP Highway Patrol reveals 1, 833 persons were killed. 29k injured and 85k road accidents were recorded in 2011. Not to mention the fixed accidents that incurred off the record which I committed 3x. I guess you had experience the same. For public daily commute I would recommend also for you to use. The MMDA traffic navigator to avoid heavy traffic but not while driving.

While doing like the amazing car challenge race. I learned from my car mates Jun Borja (Ford Manager - Global City), PO3 Mark Lowie Tarroquin (PNP Hway Patrol), Arnaldo Quiazon of Smart Driving School. The different techniques beyond ordinary drivers skills and knowledge. Aside from the skills I learned from Ferrari F1 mentors and race champions. Also from the organizers which is the former race champion.

While doing the challenge all over Manila dropping by to different stations of Total fuel from Edsa, Airport, Alabang, Manila, Green-hills and other Total gas stations.  Jun talked about different Ford sales and business partners as well as other car brands. While we are using a Mitsubishi car from Smart Driving School. 

And the different races they supported and involvement of car piracy even crimes. Car factory manufacturing closure that impacts many lives and Philippine economy. Also he told me that they have this latest anti theft car features from the new ford fiesta. But still bad guys does the homework, that made this car gone in 60 seconds.

On the other side, Arnaldo as rally judge give merits and demerits to the 2 drivers. Told me to keep quite while he records errors and common drivers mistakes. As well as plus factors for smart drivers. Which eventually he told the 2 drivers as part of education after the race. The things you should not do and do. Motoring challenge contest like impreza, ford, mclarengo carts, veloster and like this are really exciting.

PO3 Mark talks about his daily encounter in the street like the bondol gang, police daily hway encounter and road safety. It was a high octane conversation drive for 4 of us like we were in Keanu Reeves Speed, Jackie Chan Police Story or Vin Diesel 2Fast to 5 movie.

Around 12 cars of various top car manufactures such as hyundai, ford, toyota, nissan, mitsubishi are ready for car fest action. Seems like we were going to do the actual mini rally, f1 or motorcade race championship. But its really a precision and smart defensive driving competition. As part of Total fuel live traffic competition in the streets of Metro Manila. Drivers and navigators can combine forces to deter the winning team. Base on drivers skills, safety, style and strategy.  

We are all road users, weather as drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and sadly, road safety has been taken for granted by many statistics from MMDA and PNP Hway Patrol. Total GM Malou Espina said. That aims to improve road safety among users. For this kind of competition I feel comfortable using my old gallant or the new kizashi. For I find my comfort zone chemistry on driving these models.

Drive city competition is the most prove of showcasing street smart along Edsa. Where each drivers were given a 100 base point as well as deductions for every violation committed. So there's a judge among 12 cars competing. Supported by AAP, CAMPI, GMCI, SOPI, Autohub, Nissan, Smart Driving School, and many more. 

Check the site you may want to join the competition?  like what we do and you and your navigator will win prizes? Visit Enjoy and Win Prizes on Safety Defensive Driving/Gymkhana/Rally competition.    


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