Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Want to "Go With Oh" to London!

Im a great fan of Action films like 007 and British Royal Military both modern and traditional. I Want to "Go With Oh" to London! What a Beautiful Place, British Empire and the taste of truly England! Love its costume in United Nations and Parties even when I'm still a kid.

5 Things I wanna do in London

1. Visit London Olympics Venue - Major sports venue and events highlights. Since I'm a former Taekwondo athlete, coach, referee and Varsity. I'll love to visit and blog this sports passion excitements. Where winners belong and give glory for their respective countries.

2. Look for London Hollywood Scene - 007 shooting places, British war movie scenes, Action world Excitement scenes. Before I relax, to order my usual Vodka Martini shaken but not stir afterwards. To fueled up the good conversation of my tuxedo or gala night.

3. Visit Royal Place - To meet the King, Queen, Duke  and Duchess in its home place. I like its history and stories. Royalty fever! Wanna see great beauties as well as snappy gentlemen. like to discover its medals, achievements and honor.

4. Visit its Military Base and Facilities - This is the men thing. How I wish to be trained by and be the best British Intelligence or Military officer. As Bond say "Always trained by the best British Intelligence. That's what separates a double "O" from a regular cop, agent, military even CIA or FBI.

5. Foods, Education and Museum - I wanna witness the famous song-jingle "London Bridges Falling Down" But not for fall but to see its magnificent view. Also British food like British Onion Soup, Shepherds Pie, Trifle, Yorkshire Pudding, Wines, Drink Mix Cocktail shot and more to add on my travel food movie and winners place contest blog.  And education contribution, I wanna understand the way gifted Harry Potter and Ian Fleming thinks.

In the Philippines I found out that finest elite school are run by the British. So I very like its system and style of educating the public. Also when I Visit Asian countries like Subaru Singapore Challenge, SG travel lifetime moment and HK. I found a good well disciplined system which is British influence for better global economy as well as government system. I wanna know more why? Amazing Truly England Taste.

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