Sunday, April 29, 2012

PC Security Trend Micro 2012

When technology became more fast and give us easy access to the net or files. Sometimes we can't control Virus, hackers, spammers even cyber criminals who is really persistent to steal from us and creates disaster to our business. My other blog was hacked and I encounter several virus on my laptop and office PC before. 

And it waste a lot of time and my important files were deleted. Also waste a lot of my IT personel time, reformat the PC and do the reports again. Because it cannot be read anymore, even spam mails i received thousands of them. Trend Micro said " Security Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, Post-PC, BYOND era".

Trend Micro summary for 2012 while attacks are targeting virtual machines. Virtual and cloud files is in danger so this will be a big burden to IT administrator. Like what  happen to me couple of years ago. To secure the data critical to company's data by adopting to these technology. BYOD or Bring Your Own Data is not fully control by IT admin and data loss and security will rise. 

As far as I know ISO certified company would not allow you to bring you own laptop, camera even cellphone or electronic device inside office. Some office that I know are paperless that you can't even use your own pen. As far as security is concern how can you protect your multi million asset from this?

Mobile apps  and data extraction downloads are easy  for criminals and hackers to violate this. So trend micro expects cyber criminals to go only to legitimate apps. Finding vulnerable or coding program errors which may lead to theft or data exposure. 

Some groups such as Lulzsec in 2011 target companies and individuals for various reasons. They are more skilled that they can avoid IT professionals even Federal Law Enforcement. As a modern theft or violators of anyone rights. I may consider them  as enemy or world and treat to every businesses.

The social networking like blogs, websites, forums, facebook and twitter may redefine "Privacy" of sharing information with out authority is a violation. I see a lot of people are still violating the right of others. And manipulating data for personal gains even if it is a crime.

Jefferson Lat Philippines Country Manager said Deep security will be needed to protect our evolving lifestyle both work and play. You may download or ask more info here.

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