Saturday, June 9, 2012

BOSCH Philippines Growth, Invented for Life

Me and my Brother Visit-toured the BOSCH Philippines facilities in Makati City last couple of days ago. Made me think how strong their companies is in  the category of Power tools and automotive industry. Every car brand or model that you may think you can always see Bosch as part of it. And in our everyday work as well as living. Name it! From plumbing, drywall, construction job-site and building home remodeling.

And how they support the manpower and livelihood projects in the country. Bosch group invested $1.8million in Technical Center to upgrade its state of the art Technical Center for Automotive and Construction Industries.  In 2011 sales performance of Bosch Philippines increases by 6.3% growth US $23.8 million. Visit for detailed info and stats.
Seeing its detailed world stats uptrend in all of its products. I can say that BOSCH Philippines Growth is tremendous. And its motto Invented for Life were ideal. They don't only invented great products and power tools for more than a century. But they also support livelihood like TESDA training. Enhancing its  employees or soon to be..

To provide better service to global clients. With  14, 000 Bosch outlet worldwide made me think its like a Mcdonalds or 7Eleven franchise. I mean on its established pillars of quality good service. Now, On its training program the graduates gets more opportunity to be employed locally and abroad.  By "Hari ng Talyer" combined forces with  technical skills and Engineering  management. 

Professional skills program made possible the collaborative efforts contractors, skills development program in workers safety and efficiency. To achieve economic growth they continuously do further research. And  investing on state of the art latest equipments. And help more Pinoy workers to be in more demand by training partnership with TESDA. redefining its motto of  "Sa TESDA may choice ka!"

Mr. Joseph Hong (Bosch Philippines Managing Director) and Mr. Martin Hayes (Managing Director Southeast Asia)  explains to us its robust growth to us last media briefing. See the constructive business insights of the country's top business paper from Manila Bulliten, Inquirer and Business Mirror business review reports on back links.
From Tires to Braking System
Picture above, Bosch Skilled workers on Action. See spark-plug of mustang with drift champion on racing video here. Bosch also supports a lot of college and sporting activities. Like Coach Norman Black, Mapua  & UP Asia Cordless Race and College Scholars from Various Schools.
Fellow media on parts tour
See Bosch Video on how they revolutionize the power tool industry
Both for our home and office
More hot  cars like BMW and Benz inside on repair
My Bro a technician with the new facilities, innovative machine
 What can a BSECE grad can do to incorporate this tool?
Welcome Germany! Bloggers on Lego Motors, Auto, Parts,
Handyman, Construction, Power Tools on Tour
Ms TESDA, Mr Hong and Mr Hayes. Federal German Diplomats
Ambassadors, Officials were also present on the Press briefing
A global 126 year old iconic brand from Germany
Aftermarket Purchase Support Center
Show me the numbers
Mr Handyman's Secret
the Secret Recipe
Needed for your Ironman Cars and Heavy Equipment
System and Peace of Mind
For your Car Repair and Safety Maintenance
Power Tools for Commercial, Residential and Industrial Use
Choose the right Equipment for the right job
Safety first and patented system
Safety braking System and Performance Battery 
BOSCH Philippines Growth, Invented for Life

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