Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stellar New Office in Eastwood

Call centers and BPO are really fast growing here in the Philippines. Last week  i was able to meet and see the newest facility of Stellar Philippines located at 24th floor MDC 100 Building in E Rodriguez Ave, Libis, Quezon City. 
I asked Edmund Macaso its CEO on how do you measure the performance of a certain team and individual. For a long term and short term relationship? He told us the media that it is measured daily, weekly and monthly. They make sure that the KPI or Key Performance Indicator and target is meet to give clients a total satisfaction aside from profit. Well, I think this is very crucial because different clients got different customize and revenue requirements. As we tour the facilities i saw that they use the latest equipment and hardware to make sure they deliver result.

The company has a plan to expand more in the country. As a living testament of success for many years to come.  As their former office in Cubao operates well for those applicant whose looking for BPO career ladder. But with its new location on Libis Central Technohub they believe they can attract more quality talents who is willing to be part of the burgeoning industry.

Aside from that power of communication, this new facility is in the center of entertainments, restaurants and recreation exciting features to make life and work more exciting.  In the Philippines Macaso said they employed 2000 agents on its 2 locations and will add more 1000 agents as part of its expansion.

They mention some of its big clients like HP and they like to win and compete with the global arena. As most call centers do, but i was amazed that they invested on six sigma and management training to equipped its people with the latest competitive framework and values. Because its main asset are the people so they are very particular with specialize skills and training to enhanced the quality performance of its employees. 

The opening were historical because of the presence of trad national media, bloggers, investors, shareholders, employees and executives. Also we witnessed how agents handle calls and supervisors work as a team. In pattern to its global mother office operation in US, Canada, Uk and Australia.

I like its Open Book Management Philosophy in which employees are treated as business owners. And making them see the financial reports. In this way employees will value the spirit of entreprenuerial spirit as part of its profit sharing.

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