Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Valvoline-Nextgen, Eco Friendly Oil

Today 11 April 2012 in Marriot Hotel - Pasay City, Philippines. Valvoline has chosen to launch this premium motor oil in the Philippines. First in Asia after its lunch in US,  Philippine Country Manager Gil Mariano told me. It's environment friendly because its made of 50% oil. And its case or container is 100% Eco friendly. Remembers me of 2010 campaign of Philippine Auto Show which is Eco friendly green. I've seen good news as the evolution of motoring industry evolves.

From waterless car-wash to high tech safety to environment friendly oil. How I wish water fuel car will be the next solution for never ending gas hike. Anyways, this oil uses less contaminants and more oil molecules and produces fewer pollutants. Regular oil produces 85% reusable oil while crude got only 15% but this product is 100% new oil from recycling.
Award Winning Additives  (Society of Automotive Engineers International Awards for Environment Excellence in Transportation) Valvoline Nexgen is made of 50% recycled oil which  is the result of the companies continues research, technology and innovation. Gil told me that this company was founded in 1866 that produced the world's first lubricant. And recently won the Nascar Rally Race in US. Prove that this product provides optimum engine protection against heat. High RPM demands for racing without sacrificing its horsepower. 
 Nextgen on Different Containers like your regular oil
Question: What makes you stand out with other oil company's?
Gil: We are unique, We are green product and same quality with other products.
 Gil with Valvoline Staff
He told me that they are not gas company...
 This oil is available like Park Sops, Service Mart, Ace Hardware
Same SRP like Castrol and other Regular Oils
My Dessert - anti body oil...

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