Monday, July 2, 2012

Trend Micro Labs Philippines Facilities Antivirus Tour

After visiting various Tech labs and facilities like Dell couple of months ago. I had a chance to visit the Trend Micro Labs Facilities here in Rockwell Ortigas, Pasig City Philippines. Last June 27, 2012 where Menard Oseña Trend Micro Product Manager & Macky Cruz - Technical Specialist Brief us about virus era's that there are more 1million treats daily and more than 1k threat response specialist were fighting on it. Regards to our daily journey on the internet cloud. 

Established in the Philippines last 1998 with over 1000 cloud security and anti malware support engineers employed 24/7 to make sure the safety of Trend Micro Global clients. This IT engineers or anti virus experts or doctors got different departments of expertise. Like in the hospital you got doctors of various field and specialist.

You've heard about the news on social media attacks? Like the 37million virus infected countries in 2004. Virus, porn, illegal file sharing, hackers, scams fishing, spam, fraud and worm era (lets say illegal online activities). 1/3 of web users are attacked by cyber-criminal using social networking sites. And i'm one of the victims for sure you've got the same experience. 

Friends were telling me that I'm sending them spam on yahoo. My tweets on twitter are feeding them multilevel scam link. And my facebook adding friends is being blocked for 30 days last month because of anomaly usage. Which I didn't abuse or send. Which cause negative trust damages and bad reputation to possible business partners and old friends.  

We spoke to at least 5 specialist and discuss about what they do and specialize. Front with cutting edge tools and technology to provide maximum data security to its consumers. For we know that it may damage the entire operation, feel ensured, protected and reduce cost to ensured business continuity. 

Team up with thousands of employees here in the Philippines as well as offices in US, UK, Europe, France and Asia.  Its core technology is always on to possible solution. The team tested up to date technology solution with comprehensive analysis, monitoring, research to ensure threats are blocked before they reach this PC or Technology users. 
Core Technology of trend micro includes web reputation, email reputation and file reputation. They make analysis to possible threats and best solutions against them. Also support team back ups and oversee the research, quality assurance and marketing. With 23+ years experience of innovative technology solution to stop threat faster.
The Trend Micro global information services key group maintains, implements infrastructure and internal networks. In response to global security in auditing, support, monitoring and troubleshooting.  As well as give recommendations on how to deploy new technologies. In BPO and Call Center industry a single virus may cause a business a million peso lost.
Technical Support - 24/7 response support  team that supports virtual, cloud, data center and engineering support team. To response quickly to global clients needs. For company's trade secrets we were not allowed to take picture inside the lab. Where the Virus formation era's were penalize, studied and eliminated by these virus buster team folks.
Thanks to Macky, Ryuji, Pepe, Franklyn, Diana, Paul  and Menard for the exciting tour. These Trend Micro team of specialist (Tech Support, Treat Response, Spam Investigator, Research Engineer, Online Fraud Analyst, Researchers)  are like core of doctors Avengers-Team. Who helped each other to eliminate virus from hackers who disturbs or messed up. From our business transactions, PC Security, files and daily protected social media life we enjoy.

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