Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heavy Duty Cars - Chevy Colorado 5year Extended Warranty

Last year I was at Chevy 100 years rally celebration. And power run sporting activity during the week in which Chevy gives a free Cruze car to a runner. And its good to see Transformers auto-bots car characters again on SM MOA rally both vintage and new.  Speaking of this cartoon Hollywood movie blockbuster made me think of Trump's Exciting Chevy Tahoe General Motors  reality sales challenge Tour on Apprentice as well as Lenovo Technology.  

Anyways, This American Brand The All new Chevrolet Colorado pick up truck comes in 2.5 and 2.8L, 4x2 or 4x4, MT or AT gives 5 yr extended warranty. Because the usual car company would only give 100 000km or 3year warranty whenever comes first. But with Chevy power-trains its extended to 5, In which  
I saw  to volvo  safety car as well give this consumer peace of mind extended feature security. Following its motto “the truck that allows you to do more and be more” a good urban and jungle escape ideal to conquer floods even rocky off-roads.

Sharon Camesa, Country Manager of Asia Warranty Services Said “The Chevrolet Colorado is the first pickup truck that will be backed by a 5-year extended warranty. This makes Colorado ownership easier, given the peace of mind and protection that the warranty will entail,” 

She added, “Asia Warranty’s extended warranty is a mirror image of the original car manufacturer’s warranty. Our company offers extended warranty to both new and used vehicles. Vehicle owners, whose cars are covered by the extended warranty program can enjoy having their cars repaired at authorized dealers/service centres without having to shell out money.”

Visit the web of Asia Warranty Services at  and call 844-3281/844-6020 for more info. I'm excited to test this kind of car every-since we used pick ups and all power heavy duty cars. In our  Total Fitness Jungle Adventure in Subic 2 years ago. 

An extreme sporting challenge for tech motor sports enthusiasts tough action. So check  it out the Heavy Duty Cars - Chevrolet, Colorado by General Motor's  5year Extended Warranty features.

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