Saturday, May 19, 2012

Visiting Dell Philippines BPO Facilities

Last week I was able to visit the Dell Philippines BPO Facilities @ Eastwood City, Libis - Quezon City. As we know Dell is an Iconic Technology Leader for more than 26 years. I thought that they only specialize in customize PC, Gadgets and Laptops. But to my surprise they are operating like the regular inbound-outbound customer service, technical support. Like typical call center or BPO in the Philippines.

Richard Teo Dell Philippines CEO talks about its mission and vision. On how they can deliver good service to its customer. He told us that they are not only hardware products but they a solution. He want to  deliver cost effective information to everybody. They provide health-care medical billing and technical support services and BPO services all over the world.

As we tour to the facilities, we saw veteran Married employees from India. They migrate and work with Dell Philippines for more than 6 years. From Rep to Manager, they look quite happy. Also they reward its employees for good works. And outstanding commendation from its customer, they put it in the wall of fame as we walk in the office. I saw also Physically challenged employee on wheelchair. Good thing I saw that they don't discriminate gender, condition and status in life.

I witnessed that Dell value its people from a different view of diversity. They give them rewards like spiff, commission, incentives. Family day outing, free recreation, gaming, PC study and internet for learning on its free time. I really like its culture of equal opportunity. 

Working in a call center industry for seven years I can now answer the why? I mean Dell grow big that way. Probably because of its culture of putting customer's and employee's needs first.Because if you help people and businesses get what they want. Surely you will get what you want, so I saw that they are in a win-win situation.

I asked the CEO how do you deal with your competitors? He told me its not really competitors, and they need to work out primarily on the needs of its clients and employees. Because sometimes they need to work  together with these BPO industries.

I asked again the CEO if they do cloud computing in the Philippines. He told me not yet but they will go there. In their US office they already provide cloud computing to some of its clients. Now this is the most exciting part its lab, for our eyes only looks like Iron Man station. I just knew that great pc gamer Alienware is made by dell. Amazing tech-lab, I badly like Alien-ware...

Also fellow blogger ask why you are discussing this? Your a CEO you should leave this to your project managers. He told us that he must lead by example. Sometimes he work hands on with its employees answering calls. Monitor randomly and walk-rally the floor. See more blog review and video here also former employee review here.

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