Sunday, April 15, 2012

HTC One X & V Party Skye Roofdeck, BGC

13 April 2012, HTC global designer of Phone unveil its new HTC One X & HTC V at Skye Roofdeck, BGC. I experience the new level of this iconic design and features of this smartphone. I ask one of the Top tech blogger (i will not mention his name) if you will going to choose between new blackberry, Iphone4s, Motorola model or the one you are currently using the latest Samsung Android phone. 

Which one you would choose why? I will choose the HTC One X because its of better the design, classy features and everything. He explain everything to me everything he likes. I think he is a phone engineer because of his knowledge of this new phone.  Aside from that he already convinced reader via his blog to buy this phone. 
Well anyways, HTC one intergates Andriod 4.0 ICS with HTC Sense 4. In just 0.7 seconds you're able to take the shot of its 8 megapixel camera. Also it has unlimited shots using the shutter button. F/2.0 lenses available capturing 40% more light than 2.4 lenses on other smart phones. So its really a good advance feature on your picture and video-phoneography experience.

A good photos and video in adverse condition as well as fast less than a second shutter function. You can tap on the on going video to get a high resolution photo at the same time. Also it has 25gigabytes space for 2years enough to keep 10k high quality photo also you can share this photo and video via HDMI.

The Sound of HTC One by Dre Dre lets you connects to 50k radio stations worldwide. And also play music service, the power of Dr Dre on your Car or wherever you are. Also you can drop this phone and its still OK  During the event the phone was being dropped but its still ok. How durable! Audiovisual junkie told me what if we drop it from Skye rooftop? I told him that it would be maybe a Guinness record.

HTC One X a seamless construction with unique piano gloss at the back. Blazing fast using NVIDIA Tegra3 mobile processor for faster applications, clear graphics and longer battery hours lifeline. Its 1.5Ghz super 4-pus-1 quadcore with an integrated battery saver core.  4.7" 720 HD screen with 3d glass protected by corning gorilla glass. SRP 32, 990.

HTC One V an award winning design of the HTC legend.  Delivers amazing camera and authentic sound. A 5 megapixel phone with 4GB storage capacity. SRP 15, 990. See more full very keen technical interview of Yugatech here.

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