Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sexy Solutions & AntiGravity Yoga in Quezon City

I visited Sexy Solutions by Belo Med group and AntiGravity BeyondYoga in @ the 3rd floor of Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato, Quezon City Last week. I found out that most BFF artist like Georgina Wilson and Raymond Gutierrez are always can be seen in the limelight. With its best looking TV appearance angles or perfect slim sexy body examples.  

For we know that Belo is being endorsed by a lot of famous artists. But  how do Belo Team do it? To a certain artist that already looks good to make it even  look better. Theirs an science explanation by Sexy Solution and fitness behind that. Even Hollywood superstars like Aniston - I known invested  a lot in science beauty. And it turns out to be good long lasting beauty acting career. To name a few of the science that they do are like Lipo Captivation, Diet, Yoga Exercise, Muscle Tightening, Toning, Fat Kill and so on. 

They also told us that they provide solution to National Team  Taekwondo Member who is in need to Maintain weight. Before competing to international competition. Well, I think even Manny Pacman need also on this sexy solution on his Team. In order to be a sexy boxer and be not disqualified for being overweight in a certain category or division. On interview Raymond said he loses 4.7 inches on his midsection. While Georgina said her 29" waist goes to 25" in 2 months.

AntiGravity Yoga is Kinda new to me. But they said that its already existed in the US and over 40 countries worldwide. Before, seeing at first look  on how they do it. Made me think that Im quite hesitant  to do it that I might find it dangerous, muscles will be tear, my bones may crack and risky to do. 

But when I saw others and tried it, having fun while doing it. I feel relaxed to give it a shot and it turns on to be ok with a smile. I feel like superman, circus-man, even motorcycles turn around simulation or frog freeze. Its really so easy to do. Just hang trust your instructor and the silk fabric. It won't let you down, as easy as that as what they always told. 

At first glance you may see a lot of women but we can form our men's power ranger group too. But its really good for us men's too, not to mention that most of the people perform in acrobatic circus show are men. Another way of being in good routine activity to keep us fit, flexible and healthy. As beneficial to spinal decompression through zero compression inversions.

Also, I found out that most of its staff can perform a lot of spider-man moves  on silk aside from being a good dancer. A good combination mix though. From the way we see  food intake calories, eating & workout exercise perspective. From slim Sexy solutions  knowledge told to being fit as our Anti-gravity yoga experts teach us how beneficial to do it. Speaking of beauty care, exercise and diet. Now we got the choice option for our health to do it or not.

See the lady above? She goes over and over again like spider-woman. Men or women both young and the young at heart can join this activity. Because most of the time we used to carry things but the Acrobatic Anti Gravity Yoga is kinda fun. And got health benefits to its practitioners. Visit or call 0917 523 9663. I hope to see this as a yoga-dance-sport competition sometime.

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