Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Cars, Live Eco Friendly Green

New Cars, Live Eco Friendly Green
By: Jayson Biadog

The 3rd CAMPI Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) in World Trade Center August 19-21, 2010. Was really an exciting, I was the media sports contest blogger of to cover the event and join the media contest. And I witness the different fabulous superb car from luxury to business, fuel efficient to diesel endurance car, from huge SUV’s to hybrid cars. Better than Tokyo Drift and gone in 60 seconds my favorite movie. You know why? Because it’s only on my beloved country which is the Philippines . So you better experience and witness this event live for your eyes only.

The program was visited on Day 1 by the no other than the VIP President of the Philippine Republic. Honorable Benigno Noynoy Aquino Jr., Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers in the Philippines (CAMPI) Officials and Staff also my fellow media.

President Noynoy is very much supportive and passionate to car and this industry. So he delivers great speech, inspiration and talk to the milestone growth of this car industry rapid growth. “I must confess: driving peacefully on a smooth, empty highway is one of my favorite luxuries. I did manage to get behind the wheel a few times despite my hectic schedule, much to the horror of my security people," Said President Noynoy as he even known to drive his staff to their hotels after his campaign. I was shocked, Wow what a great servant leader.

For me as I roamed around got some picture and videos of the cars, pretty ladies, knowledgeable car friendly specialist, lot of promos and discounts offer, booth and attended some seminars. I found out that every car makers or the group vision (CAMPI) itself not only sells car but they are very concerned about the safety and security of each customer.

Theirs a booth that educate public to go green and I got a lot of story to tell. Fuel saving, Diesel, Fast Burning, Clean Burning Tips, Green Symposium/Advocacy, Seminars, Security, Safety, Insurance, Driving skills a lot more.

"Perhaps in our own small way, we can help spread awareness, provide information, help increase our understanding on what we as individuals can do to help mitigate climate change by lowering our carbon footprint through healthier daily habits that not only help save the environment, but help save money as well," CAMPI president Elizabeth Lee said.

I also witness the education and knowledge about every car representative offer to the public. I wish I have more time to study every parts and engine also its safety.

“Drive The Green Road” just remember me about the tree planting event. I attended to La Mesa water shed last month, to save our mother land. That every person who owns a car must plant at least 10 trees, well I owned 1 and already planted more than ten. But I still wanted to plant more.

Philippine International Motor Show "Greener and Grander" event is the most magnificent car and eco friendly great car show held twice a year.

Aside from  this the show the show also do Charity. They also donate toys to less fortunate kids. The program called "More Smiles, Less Piles"

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