Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Greatness Starts From Home

When I was in college and high school I dreamed to be an Olympic or World Cup Champion. I trained hard everyday to achieve it one step at a time. So far with those hardships and discipline life didn't allow me to make it happen. Instead it gave me free college and national title. After winning the 2002 Carlos Palanca National Taekwondo Championship. That gives me an Automatic qualification to S Korea and US Open. But due to budget problem in the country I wasn't able to make it. So it was a loss of  hope for an aspiring athlete.  To bring home the beacon and bring glory to country.

So I pray, wait and continue doing what I love most by coaching 2 college teams and officiating national games for more than 3 years after. Before I started to venture blogging, social media and online contest into a very interesting hobby. When greatness starts from home blogging gives me and opportunity to earn and travel locally and in foreign country for free. Then sooner or later I saw that God has a better purpose for my dream. 
Not only to be an Olympic or World Champion but to meet world champion and winners like F1 Mika Hakkinen who gives Schumacher a real race aside from beating him twice, Mclaren, Ms World, Ferrari, Hot Cars and NBA Legendary Drexler who's seems to be Michael Jordan's strongest rival. Also its cool to be a winner of online local and foreign competition. And that's what I called Greatness Starts From Home. Same as the usual saying that when somebody was not being given (defeat, wish or dream not granted temporarily) you were still blessed, be thankful because sooner or later he has a better plan. And both of you know what you really want to become.  So continue doing what you love most, what you believe is great work and believe in the beauty of your dreams. If legend starts somewhere, It must start at home. 
Do you agree that Greatness Starts From Home?
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