Friday, April 27, 2012

Testing Suzuki's Newest Sedan "Kizashi"

Suzuki Kizashi 2.4 was launched last April 26, 2012 @ Esplanade, Pasay City. I do the road-test of the actual car around SM MOA. As I dropped by some Vip bloggers like Fpj, Blog-ph and Chixnchips on Mall of Asia.  Now I can see that Impreza, Geneses, Focus, Veloster got a strong contender for Sedan elegant category. As you may talk about Suzuki you would think that they belong to top tier of motorcycle industry leader.  

But, You would never thought that they would make large handsome elegant sedan like this. I drove this unboxed newly 2012 model car  called Kizashi on Pasay Area flawlessly. After that the whole driving experience and technology gives smile on my face as well as my passengers. Made me think that they have the greater chance of coming up on podium rank in 2012 Car of the Year Awards.

Now, if your thinking/asking about whats new? Why this?  Why now? You may read opening and closing speeches below. Now, It has CVT - Continuously Variable Transmission with 6 speed manual mode. A powerful performance in low gear while getting I can feel like driving the power of an all terrain van in the smoothness executive type of car.  Still in control while Suzuki's race organizer educate me interesting features about Suzuki's world fastest motorcycle and econo - car types. 

Kizashi - Japanese term, Sounds like a Samurai or Anime Hero is equipped with advance controls called ESP or Electronic Stability Program. Aside from award winning world design. I'm now the official fan of Suzuki's Latest Innovation and Car Technology called Kizashi.

While waiting for my test drive turn, Mr. Satochi Uchida - Suzuki's CEO told me about its unique niches market. And target of 1000-2000 users in the Philippines this year. Give inspiring message to our media friends. On his speech he said... To our media friends and our dealers, good afternoon. Welcome to what is to be Suzuki’s biggest newsmaker this quarter—the Suzuki Kizashi.

I have encountered a lot of questions before today—why only now? Well, let me tell you all why. Suzuki Philippines has always played by our core competency. Ever since we started office in the Philippines, we focused on two things—compact and economical. The Swift is your beautiful subcompact car, the Jimny is your economical 4X2, the APV is your compact all-purpose vehicle, the Vitara is your value for money SUV, and the list goes on.

The D-segment is a niche that has been untapped by us and unfamiliar for us. However, with the right car in the Suzuki Kizashi and with the right timing, we believe that we are more than ready to go head on and roll out even more exciting products in niches that used to be unfamiliar territories.

Specifically, the Suzuki Kizashi is a promising car. With the Suzuki Kizashi, which is built at Suzuki’s state-of-the-art Sagara manufacturing plant in Japan, is packed with an impressive technology, the marriage of dynamism and Japanese tradition and the fresh styling, I am confident that this is indeed one of the cars to watch out for, this year.

So, yes, the Suzuki Kizashi is not just Suzuki’s new flagship model, but more than anything, it is indeed a sign of even greater things to come for Suzuki. And I ask our media friends to be with us as we unveil them all, one by one. Thank you very much and good afternoon. Now that was a good words to hear from top official.

Bravo! Kizashi - Because you can!!!  New slogan

Here's the closing remarks from Mr. Shuzo Hoshikura. Magandang Hapon! Let me start by saying yes, something even greater has finally arrived from Suzuki. What used to be an interesting concept is now here in the Philippines, in the form of the Kizashi. This is why; I am personally excited that we are rolling it out today—the car that best marries a sense of dynamism and Japanese tradition.Kizashi was built to be both an elegant and sporty vehicle.  

The Suzuki Kizashi is a promising car. Packed with exciting features and new technology at the D-segment price point, I am confident that it is a car to watch out for. The Suzuki Kizashi is designed with the Suzuki DNA in mind, combining sportiness and elegance. It has an impressively fresh styling, very attractive interiors, sporty seats and nifty instrument cluster that give this car a character like no other. We have focused on the sensibilities of the driver. 

The Suzuki Kizashihas proven itself not only in Japan but in both the discriminating markets of the United States and Europe, which are dominated by American and European cars. This is a  challenge for Suzuki.Ihope that through our media friends and dealer partners, the Filipinos will give this car a chance. We are confident that you will be able to taste the new Kizashi. Again, thank you all very much and good afternoon.

The afternoon was filled with dealers, partners, guest and media. The SRP of this car is 1, 288, 000 pesos. Now if you were going to test-drive this car. You may experience the noise and vibration reduction of its ABS or Anti Braking System a sophisticated 4 wheel disc brake for your safety. Made by Akebono Brake Corporation a supplier of Japan's Bullet trains or Shinkansen.

My thought about the design is that it looks sporty the S like Zoro on the front and rear of the car. Reminds me of Samurai victory on podium finish. Its 18" sparkling alloys as well as larger spacious leather seats make your eyes blinks for its attractive comfortable masculine beauty.  Now this really excites me the key-less start buttons. I keep on asking the staff wheres the key I need to start. He told me it will start and give the key to me after it starts. 

Ok, let me do the final after closing rap - It is equipped with parking sensors on front and back,  comprehensive trip computer, dual climate control front and rear, sound system Radio/CD/Aux/MP3/iPod/USB, xenon light, fog light, rain sensing wipers and so on..what can I ask for? See the more  pics below...You may do the actual road-test ask your nearest dealer nationwide.

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