Saturday, June 23, 2012

3rd Generation Intel Core Processors "Ivy Bridge"

When I attended Intel's processors launched 8years ago in Bacolod City. As a college student I was amazed about its latest technology contribution and capability. But last week in Rockwell, Makati Intel "Ivy Bridge" was launched. SME's, Gamer's, Professionals will now enjoy the power of convergence by 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors. Which delivers enhanced visual and computing performance. 
Your laptop and PC now are welcomed to use this fast chips Intel 22 nanometer 3d trigate transistor technology.  It increases 20 percent of performance because they anticipate that public likes to edit video, share photos and surfing the web. Not to piss off your day..But of course, who likes a slow and hanging PC?  You always need something faster and quicker processors for your machine..

  • Quad-core processors now available in powerful, high-end desktop, laptop, and sleek and beautiful all-in-one designs.
  • Accelerates Intel’s “Tick-Tock” cadence for first time to simultaneously bring to market the world’s first processors developed on 22nm manufacturing process using innovative 3-D tri-gate transistor technology and a new graphics architecture.
  • Up to twice the HD media and 3-D graphics performance, as well as significant processor performance, deliver stunning visual experiences from mainstream gaming to HD video editing.
  • Ultrabook™ devices, all-in-one (AIO) platforms, business PCs and Intelligent systems in retail, healthcare and other industries will benefit from Intel’s newest processors, with formal announcements in the coming months.

World’s First 22nm Quad-Core Processors Bring Up to Twice the Visual Performance for Unmatched Overall PC Experiences
"The 3rd generation Intel Core processors were created from the ground up to generate exciting new experiences," said Kirk Skaugen, Intel vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group. 
"Our engineers have exceeded our expectations by doubling the performance of media and graphics versus the best processors we’ve built until today, which means incredible new visual experiences are here for new all-in-one PCs and upcoming Ultrabook devices. What makes all this possible is the combination of Intel’s leading manufacturing and processor architecture, and our unwavering commitment to drive computing innovations forward."
 I won this intel customize super PC from New Zealand last year. The Ironman PC workstation is worth US $4000 Using toshiba LED TV HDMI to HDMI, UPS, wireless Keyboard and mouse.Supercomputer works fast @ i5 8.0 GB RAM. From an online application and facebook contest.

See WebTV video here that will drive your PC experience. Much better speed, security, convertibles, responsiveness, smart sleep mode, graphics, thinner and overall performance. More than 100 designs will be available in ultra-books this year check it now at your nearest PC mall. Amazing speed and Capability! What does it looks like? 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors "Ivy Bridge". 2x much better than graphics and media than the best product a year ago.. beautiful..more blogs and info here.

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