Monday, July 30, 2012

Call for Call Center/BPO Philippine Investor

Im doing a business consultancy since 2010 on call centers. I made a Web/SEO script campaign for such international programs. Even group buying and bidding sites on line campaign as well as digital strategy. Aside from more than 7 years of field expertise. In managing various accounts and team for various call center outbound campaigns in US and Canada. 

Being a broker in the industry is very rewarding and challenging. I saw how investors and company earn multimillion peso per month. Right now I made this Call for Call Center/BPO Philippine Investor blog to initiate same passionate minds.

So here's the deal; I have client in the US Yellow Pages, Energy,  Financial Statement POS, International Language Industry (mostly outbound sales). Being in this industry for 5 years i saw huge potentials and millions of revenue. Now,  I'm looking for campaign center investor as of the moment.

So here's the sample computation in draft; (numbers may vary depending on the accounts we agreed upon)

Top Elite Experienced Team
Running a 10 seat(top reps 25k each) 1 sup/closer(40k) 1 managing director/consultant (70k) 1 admin/HR/QA (25k) package plus 13th month would cost. Including Taxes, Night Differential, Government Mandatory Benefits.

1 year Projection (12months)

(10) Top Reps Salary Package 25 000 * 13th month =   3 250 000
(1)Sup/Closer/Team Manager/Trainer  Salary Package 40 000 * 13th month =    520 000
(1) Me/Client/Consultant/Managing Director/Trainer  Salary Package 70 000 * 13th month = 910 000
(1) Admin Assistant/HR/Exe Assistant Salary Package 25 000 * 13th month =   325 000

Total Manpower Merchandise Fee for a Year 5, 005 000

Leasing Office
Leasing (approx) $200 per seat per month depends on prime City location (Mckinley Hills Tagiug, Ortigas, Eastwood, Makati Central Business District Option) You may suggest location
13 seats *$200 * 12months
For a year = $31, 200 in pesos = 1 347 600
Normally a center lease would include a high-speed internet all in plus security and back ups on files. Enough to operate a worldwide email and voice transaction. They always ask for down-payment its either 3months advance or 50k - 100k for lease.

Spiff and Commission (Right given on the spot for them to sell more). Lets Say an Average Rep would get 5k Spiff a month and 50k a month. You may think this is kinda high because you are tapping the best in the industry.  I have network of influence to this people. So if we got 12 operation in charge let project that's for 11 months. 1 week training and 3 weeks techniques training enhancement transition period. That's 605k a month for 11 months that's 6 665 000 a year.

Misc Expense/Emergency/Operating Reimbursements 10k per month *12 months = 100k

Total Cost on regular performance 6 452 600
Total Cost on top selling best performance 13, 117 600

Now here's the projected sales revenue

1st month we give you total So we must bill the client for total sales of  $50 000 a month that's 2 150 000 pesos a month average.To come up 23 650 000 for 11 months. First 1 month is training and transition (1week) product training, 3 weeks dry run skills enhancement (on going outbound calls 2week onwards). 
Expect an average of 25% attrition/resignation/termination every month. This is a hot campaign so Disciplinary/Memo is every month. 3 Memo on performance is out  of end of contract. You may call it force resignation or termination and its normal in outbound sales. The promotion, demotion, hire and fire thing every week. 
So the investor will get 80 percent of the profit. You got 18 920 000 so you earn profit of 5, 802 400 a year. Or may double triple your capital in a year.  Sky is the limit aside from cross deal and long term relationship. Its always depends on people skills. I used to be a consistent top rep and top supervisor. Out of hundreds reps and dozens of supervisors from different company's for years.
You can maximize, expand your network or hire more seats. I saw center starts from few seats that grows into thousands even country expansion. The rest of 20% (2, 106 480) profit i will disburse on my discretion to invest on a long term relationship. But it may go up depends on the motivation of the team.
So we invest on people, Help them reach there goals so we get what we want. We cant can't afford to jeopardize the career of this people. As well as our shareholders money. I witnessed the rise and fall of centers like this. So i only entertain serious clients. To save us both time.
If you got proposal/questions you may email or call 09279896797. Lets discuss this on coffee table. To get the huge chunk of the multi-billion dollar industry, Hundreds of thousand Filipino call center professionals nationwide. A hope for the call center outsourcing industry in the Philippines.


  1. I'm Gilbert Pantig a former Product Specialist at Sitel. My Uncle is interested in putting up and invest a call center business here in Baguio City.Our exact address is Sanbabila Building #88 Lower Malvar Street Baguio City. We already have a building that has an area of three hundred square meters and has a condo type units on it. I attached one picture of our establishment. We are willing to have an appointment or phone call conversation with you any time. You can get in touch with me at this number 09231412577.

  2. email me proposal bro also my mobile 09279896797 lets have coffee. im in ortigas manila area.

  3. I will share this to my friends who are interested to this kind of business. Thank you for sharing.

    Jacob of BPO Philippines

  4. I will share with others who are interested to do business with your company.

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  5. pls let me know jacob and robert how we can execute the deal.