Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Call for Call Center Outbound/Outsourcing Campaigns in the Philippines

I've been in the call center industry for more than 7 years. Not to mention the  knowledge I've earn-worked from various centers such as Pacific Hub, Oneglobal, Axxess,  Shore, G3 telecom, Ellora, Myoptimind, Endlessrise, MIS, Dell, red dot culture,  Stellar and many more. 

After learning the pro's, cons and big opportunity in the industry. I built a call center connection, influence and strong network in the industry to help also boost our Philippine as well as call center outsourcing economy. Since I do digital strategy and also part of the press organizer for various events.

Im looking for Call for Center - Outsourcing Campaigns/company in The Philippines to deal with. I have campaign in North America right now that needs to be market immediately. Mostly outbound sales calling and qualifying clients. More of lead generation, interested call centers or start up call center my email me jbiadog@yahoo.com for a deal proposal. Or talk to me at skype jayson.biadog

Interesting $$$ for grabs ranges from $35- $50 in US dollars per lead or may go even higher. As you deliver needs you are closer to the biggest piece of cake. And if you help people get what they want to achieve, you get what you deserve. Depends on the volume of sales that your team or center may deliver. The payment is every week in dollars, sky is the limit. some of this campaign are connected to fortune 500 co networks.  

This deal is not a fly by night, I'm projecting about a long term relationship here. A multimillion dollar pipeline for you and I to protect. For I know that some deals are screwed up, because of mismanagement, some parties are taking advantage of the other's. So this deal is an equal a winwin situation.

The company is more than a decade in the industry. Also a big player in the call center and outsourcing industry. Also I have clients (energy/lead generation/heath related) ready for call center/outsourcing collaboration for various campaigns, So send me details of what you have in mind. We can sit down for a coffee in Manila, Philippines area my mobile is 09279896797.


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  2. thanks dhava! you may email me call cneter proposal.