Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dell Vostro Laptop Launch 2012

Dell enables end users to do more with the of the art manageability, with data security in an updated computing line. Its been last month since i visit or tour ed the Dell Lab Facilities and BPO CallCenter. To see its various laptops and desktops to complete the line up of any organizations in any sizes. 

Vividly thinkin of the amazing power gamer called  Alienware. Anyways, Last May 21, 2012 Dell launched its 3 Volstro laptops (3360, 3460 & 3560) sizes from 13, 14 and 15". All packed with intel 3rd generation processors. You may choose an option for standard Core i3 to i5 & i7. 

With long battery life of 32.7 hours with 80% recharge in 1 hour and maximum speed for computing  with intel core. Comes in Brisbane Bronze, Aberdeen Silver and Lucerne Red color. Both 13 &14" will have an anti glare display 1366 x 768 resolution and optional full functional HD display of 1290 x 1080. 

I think lenovo thin think pads, apple macbook pro or air, samsung, acer and toshiba has now a strong laptop counterpart named Volstro. Sounds like superhero? For me, since I used dell in office and home. As well as my macbook pro, lenovo, sony vaio and dell for personal use.

It features comprehensive wireless connectivity with collaboration to webcam, mic, bluetooth 4.0  & waves maxxvoice pro. I think this is ideal also for VOIP Internet Phone system connection. When configured with an optional 32GB mSATA, SSD Card, Intel Rapid Start and Smart response technologies to boot up and hibernate response time.

Smart response quickly recognize caches to most used file application. To allow users to access critical-frequent info's easily and quickly. Ideal if you do update excel every minute or mixed  and cooked it with office word, photo shop jpeg, powerpoint, notepad Microsoft ingredients in a days busy fast paced work. Then add clear uninterrupted song singing or radio junkie youtube voice on it. Plus social media spices called facebook, blogs, twitter, forum, dashboard equals an exciting tech-dish meal day.

So it allows user to focus on its main business with out focusing on their IT maintenance. As quality speaks in the long run Richard Teo, President of Dell Philippines was asked about affordable/cheapest Laptop /PC by 1 of us. He didn't answer the actual price or named any dell brand. or model type. But he instead reiterated the value of maintenance and operation cost in the long run. So I see, Dell is more of a total business and computing solution.  

As Christopher Papa - Dell country Manager said that this products are line up with dells mission-driven devices solution. To empower end users from boardroom, classroom, hospital solution and services that all departments need.  Read more detailed Volstro specs here a dell's site and blogs.


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