Friday, June 1, 2012

Support Grassroots Tennis Age Group Tournaments

Being actively involves in sports as a former tkd athlete, referee, coach and now part of the new media. I found they -Tennis are also encountering same challenges which is sponsorship and financial support. Good thing that Head, Chris Sports and Smart. Constantly Supports Grassroots Tennis Age Group Tournaments. As financial is the most reason why people most especially the youth are not joining this exciting sport.  Because of expensive equipment and tournament registration cost money. 

I remember before that some parents bought equipment and give supports to our fellow less fortunate athletes-teammates. If they got happy or excite with the result or their sons or daughters teammates game. They even sponsor a victory party for the whole team or go outing. And It happens to me, a father from US gave me a kicking shoes as a reward of winning the national championship in 2002.

This kind of parents gets really excited when their glorious sons and daughters bring home the beacon. As well as very happy when the teammates of their sons/daughters team delegate won. I saw some professionals like judge,  entrepreneurs, workers, teachers and doctors from Bacolod, Negros during my time took a 2 days or a week vacation leave. Just to go to manila  or any part of the country even abroad to support their family in sports local, foreign competition or even national team selection. 
The same, In the tennis case. Noel Lorenzana Smart division wireless head told us as well. That some other parents supports the less fortunate youths buy buying them shoes and equipments. That a good tennis racket for him would cost 10-12k pesos and its really expensive. Epo Quimpo also a Manager from Smart told us that every year they discover talents in grassroots that will him stand out. Like pacman  in boxing that makes the traffic slowdown, stop civil war in Mindanao and crimes. He want's to highlights to support this kind of grassroots to deliver its influence to many people.

Liza Tang Head Operations Manager discuss to us about this Kid in Baguio namde Niel Tangalin who doesn't join tournament. Due to financial instability with no Philta Points. But beat Top players in Olongapo leg tournament and other Cities. And he was using an old racket. Pretty much impressive, me personally I don't believe point system in any sport like in points I believe in quality opposition. You because iconic if you beat champions. But for as long a the ball is rolling every year nobody is undefeated. You may always find better and lesser athletes. 

I ask the youngest brother's on Panel Xenon and Angelo Gonzales about its record, upcoming and remarkable previous competion - as many local tournaments. They both earned Philta points and rankings. Xenon 12 years old in now ranked 8 and Angelo14 years old ranked 2 on its category. The future rising stars, who know this kids will be the next Nadal or Federer.

Arleen Lindo of Chris Sports told us how parents became so happy and eager to see new sponsors coming in. And children carry their bag on school as well as tennis leisure bags during summer. They go to Luzon, Mindanao and Visayas now on 11 leg caravan is expensive budget is around 4.1 million pesos project summer tour nationwide. To discover world class Pinoy talents like Niño Alcantara and Jeson Patrombon. 

They want to deliver tennis to every city as much as possible. That every parent can inspired their kids to play as  a young blood new heroes. And bring their tennis bag under the sun and rain traveling far Philippines to earn points. Even out of the country to gain recognition.

Noel said even 16 year old or Age group will eventually dominate men's division. And its requires a lot of focus believe in grassroots. It Requires commitment and inspiration to every tournament. The coach that serve as 2nd dad also a tennis coach with spiritual connection. Guide Kids which coach goes to child every tournament wins credit to the coach. That will serve as Personal coach. He credited his former coach from keeping him away from drugs, keeping away from troubles, competitive in business, sports discipline because business is like competition. 

You need to find a mentor on tennis grassroots that whenever you got old you  can never depart from it. Grassroots panelist and media were  discussing about during our lunch at Smart Tower in Makati. Epo and Arleen told us about An exciting thoughts about superstars and promise to these youths. As well as the prestigious Davis cup, Wimbledon, Open Pro Championship Trends, Proj of smart, Palarong Pambansa, Azkal , cycling smart events, Chrisports Marathon and Adventure Challenge in Subic and many more sporty thing.  

So exciting grassroots every year is discovered. I like the constructive criticism of Noel to Azkal and Onyok Velasco. That you win the silver you need to work and focus real tough-hard in the next 4 years to win gold. in Olympics or major. While Onyok became a celebrity and showmen. So long, so lets all  Support Grassroots Tennis Age Group Tournaments.

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