Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pinoy World Basketball Champion NBA Coach

Before watching Pinoy Perform in recent London, Olympics and Previous Basketball International Arena. I can say that Pinoy's got a lot of things to improve. Instead of celebrating local PBA victory and filing a UAAP or NCAA  waste protest. Because the real battle is not on fellow Pilipino players but by the unique synergize team effort to win Olympics, FIBA and  also to play on NBA. If not winning the its MVP highest award or following the footsteps of Erik. 
But when I saw Coach Erik Spoelstra  last month at Marriot Hotel Manila. See his full interview here and media inquiry here. He said he was on PBA try out before but he failed. But he still loves to play to, maybe a blessings  in disguise. So he moved to the US and do basketball there and the rest is history. We spent a lot of budget to this sport but not getting much result. Its like saying let's just invest on our boxers or martial artist. So we reap and bring more result. But basketball is the sport being love by the greater population so lets improve. So lets change our mindset the winning and world champion way. Great job Erik!

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