Sunday, September 9, 2012

Is Guild Wars 2’s Hype Real?

The team beyond Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 is known for its uncommon game plans back from the first installment of the series, when they came up with the excellent buy to play business plan that was immensely successful. Now, after the immense success of the first game, they are again planning to make an impact in the MMO world, changing its paradigms again in the search of a perfect balance between good relations with the player base and profit, which every company must make. But does Guild Wars 2 deserve the hype? Or it will blow off like a balloon in the near future. Well, it has brought an excellent accessibility of the UI, giving from day 1 features that other games never had or needed addons to improve themselves. And they are constantly listening to the player feedback.

But will the content live up to its expectations? Well, there are some new or improved ideas here too. The Dynamic Events aren't something totally new, but the developers really improved and polished them, making them a real part of a living and breathing world. No contest here, they nailed it. They also broke the static and chained quest paradigm with quests that actually have meaning and tell a story without necessarily having you read tons of text. Also, everything you do in the game grants you experience in a way or another. You can't go wrong with doing something, although some are more rewarding than other activities.

The PvP is a totally different matter; you can even say that it is a totally different game. Here PvE doesn't count at all since the PvP items are received automatically. Only skill matters and this puts on an equal place any player, no matter on how many hours they invested in PvE or any other activity of the game.

Some might jump to conclusions that Guild Wars 2 is a revolutionary game in the MMO world and that it will crush the competition. I beg to differ, not denying the game's values, but not going this far. Guild Wars 2 is not a revolution, but a renovation of the basic principles of MMOs and how the game should be played.

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