Thursday, September 13, 2012

I want a Monaco F1ashbacks Grand Prix Weekend

If your were thinking of Grand Superior Tennis event you may think of Wimbledon, Football to FIFA, Taekwondo In Korea, Sumo in Japan, Boxing to MGM Arena Las Vegas or NYC for Baseball. But for grandest  historical iconic among all f1 world motor sports races. Must be definitely in Monaco Grand Prix. 

Watching various F1 races and Iron man Monaco Scene movie. Makes my  Grand Prix experience more exciting. The best Monaco Ive even seen was on 2001. At the peak Schumi great F1 career.

It all stated when I won the Red Racing Finals in the Philippines qualifying to f1 race trip schooling to Ferrari HQ, Circuits, Museum  in Italy. Meeting Mika Hakkinen makes f1 my racing fan experience more intimate to the pit stop. With the spirit of British F1 Black Prestigious heartthrob (Pussy Cat Dolls) Champion Hamilton. A lot of people around the world tell good things glamor and glitz in Monaco. 

Give tourist and F1 GP even Moto race enthusiast lots of reason to visit and enjoy the place. Aside from great hotels, yacht marina, wine, super-cars and lifestyle. I definitely love to have a great weekend at this place.

As I do meet ups with local racers and fellow f1 fans. Almost 5 years since my first encounter with ferrari and f1 international instructor. The Schumacher song still beats on my blood as a way of relaxation. Every time I race go carts even cars i used to play the Schumacher remix.

Even with Limpbizkit nor Metallica high octane song. Mix with Champagne and cocktail vodka martini shaken but not stir after-wards. To feel the extreme speed adrenaline rush all way to the podium of winning. Even in Iron Man superhero movie the Genius,  Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist likes an awesome Monaco race. So shall we? But me i wanna be an Iron man F1.  

Right now  World Choices Sport UK  who does specialize in f1 tickets and who specialize in money/insurance has a blog contest. In which we can win an all expense f1 trip to this great f1 place. The nature of competition is so easy just tell them like the way I do above.  Just blog about the best Monaco Grand Prix experience you've ever seen.

 In 500 words or less plus 100 words explaining the nature of this competition. And don't forget to share it in facebook, social media and twitter them using hashtag #MonacoF1ashback. Then email your blog entry and link to

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