Saturday, September 22, 2012

Drive Safely on City, Taxi Vs Private

The most smart things to drive in the metro is not by speed but by safety. Last July we conquered Manila and Alabang streets together with Highway Patrol Policeman's, Media, Driving Schools and Private Drivers. But last week we Drive Safely at same Alpha route path-destination together with Taxi , Media and Private participants. Observing the race I saw how we commute on our daily life. As we encounter hazards and urban troubles as we go along point A to point B. Before I saw some drivers ignore Ambulance before. Even in Edsa i witnessed that its normal. For some motorist to ignore  the sirens of priority vehicles like ambulance and firetrucks.
Which I saw a deduction on their score by the judge assigned to each participants. Drivers don't know that the Ambulance is part of the organizing committee. And every-time you make an error lets say acceleration on ideal speed range limit is a deduction to your points. This live competition is not about how fast or slow you are. But to deter the winners you must perfect the traffic law. Even theirs no traffic enforcer or  people looking around. You must drive the ideal speed, follow signs and signal on turns even when there's no car behind. 

The goal is to go through all pit-stops and accomplish a specific task with out breaking the rules. Each team was given a 100 point  based score on each task. But a violation means a deduction to that points. Malou Espina (Total Corp Mngr) said "Judging by the amount of avoidable mishaps that happen everyday, It's sad to see that road safety is being taken for granted here in the country".
I was at the Tucson Car together with Kath sister's and Sam veteran judge-racer who won 1st. But if they just perfect the Gymkhana challenge probably they are the Champion Team for this race. It was raining during the race but the city race must continue, So the drivers were used to it  (raining season) and good enough to drive smoothly over wet roads. Congrats to Team Total Philippines for this good actual road Safety campaign. Aside from full f1 and motor-sports race team support.

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