Monday, August 27, 2012

Radiant Energy by Tesla


This theory was introduced by Nikola Tesla more than one hundred years ago. Nikola Tesla is the creator of alternating current generator but he also has over 700 exclusive rights under his name. In reality, the theory that is behind radiant energy can be compared to fine tuning a radio station or a television channel. Then again radiant energy exploits its power from electromagnetic waves. This kind of wave is not visible apparently to you and it's so easy to use since it can be found everywhere in our atmosphere. It may come from the soil or it may come from the atmosphere. Other scientists call it "energy from the space". But can you exploit this energy power and use it in your home? YES that is possible. You can connect all your electrical equipments to this system. We strongly believe that this radiant energy system is true.

There are numerous inventors that had already duplicated Nicola Tesla's inventions. The energy calamity is still here and the danger of reducing our non-renewable energy capitals has to be resolved. We really need a cheaper and cleaner fuel and we think that radiant energy is our best alternative. Energy by Tesla will offer you vital information concerning this wonderful system, so don't forget to check them out. Alternative renewable energy is indeed popular topic from different walks of life these days. There is renewed excitement at Nicola Tesla's battle with the radiant energy look at EnergyByTesla. Radiant energy, new player in market is on rise. Also, let us find why it is now gaining fame from all across the world. We will as well evaluate whether the radiant energy can generate enough of electricity to supply energy requirements.

We will discuss how you can tap the radiant energy & how you power up the homes. You are wondering what energy is about & how it varies to solar & wind power. Don't worry; we can discuss in details for you at present. The solar power generation is completed by a wide range of the solar panel cells that converts sunlight in the electrical energy. The wind power is been generated from force of wind rotate blades of the wind turbine generator or wind rotor generator. The radiant energy derives power from energy of electromagnetic waves. The wave is invisible in naked eye and it is known as the 'energy from vacuum'. And these electromagnetic waves are around us and it might come from sun's radiation and from earth.

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