Monday, August 27, 2012

Dropshippers for eBay


When searching for dropshippers for ebay, you have a lot of choices to consider and a lot of options to choose from. There is no shortage of dropshippers on the web, although the majority of them are of low quality and do not offer a good product selection. Drop shipping is a great way to make money online with a very small investment, but you simply can't just sign up for the first dropshipper you find and expect to make money. All the major dropshippers you find on the first pages of the search engine are completely saturated at this point. They have thousands of retailers selling their products all the over the web and eBay. The minute you sign up for one of these programs, you'll see that the same products are selling all over eBay for less than your "wholesale" cost. It's a common story.

Drop shipping has gotten a bad rep as of recently because of this situation. Everyone wants the easy solution. They go on Google, search for drop shipping suppliers, and sign up for some monthly service. They claim to offer all the latest name brand products at "rock bottom wholesale prices". Soon after, you'll discover that this is not true. In reality, no real wholesale company will charge you monthly fees, or any fees for that matter, to access their products. What you have here is a middleman. They mark up the pricing and charge money to access inventory. They make money by getting in between you and the real dropshipper. What's worse is that many of them are very popular and have thousands of merchants pushing their products. This means a ton of competition for it's users.

The other propblem with finding dropshippers for eBay is the dreaded out of stock issue. When using a popular dropshipper, you'll find that many products, especially the popular ones, go out of stock often and without notice. If you sell a product on eBay and then later find out that the product is out of stock, you're in trouble. You'll get negative feedback from the buyer and you could be banned from selling on eBay for good. This happens all the time and is one of the biggest issues with drop shipping on eBay. You simply can't get away with drop shipping on eBay with most of the popular dropshippers anymore.

The best dropshippers for eBay are smaller niche sources that can give you better pricing and more control over the inventory. Don't use the same source as everyone else. Be creative and look for niche products that aren't already saturated so you can stand out. You won't always be able to have the the lowest price, so be sure to have a flashy and descriptive listing at all times. Selling the same generic goods as everyone else is going to lose you money. In general, I am not a fan of eBay in either case because of the high fees they charge and the major competition. You may be better off finding alternate ways to sell your products in my experience. Always take the listing and closing fees into account when calculating your profit margins.

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