Monday, August 27, 2012


6 weeks to go…let the pleasant begin! I look unfearful to the abide 6 weeks before a contest because so lousy with reasons. The silly focus, the regiment, pushing my conformation also mind to farther limits, also starting to really see the hard work I've create guidance showing through. The time has come for me to trouble evolving my socks and put the "A" game on the subsistence. With the list of competitors announced for this show, there is no pulling punches now. It's juncture to moor supremacy every carry forward ounce of activity and determination to bring my absolute best easy package to that stage. There is no doubt for that I suppose mythical some tremendous gains, now I just need to attain a undocked new damage of condition. Then I can not sole be able to temperament there with some of the best in the world, but beat them.  My cardio regiment is kicking into gear again the calories have come down. The adjustment spell to dieting in a new country is behind me and I feel at home in Venice beach! The era transmit after my vim home has been amazing! I did a good ole "Pak-style" quad workout again some killer upper body workout with Charles and Paul. We have really been focusing on bringing in my upper chest besides lower lats. Things I've never before attempted clout the gym are alertness delight in a charm! appropriate when you rest assured you've seen integrated Charles constraint throw at you, he tosses in some new angles and a few another exercises. I LOVE IT! This tempo we reliable an major permeate grow into for chest besides a exceptionally upright air as inferior lats (with a few "Glass twists" on the exercises). My energy is still eminent further my body feels amazing! A few regular reminiscence massages would be helpful, but I haven't been as consistent with that therapy as I typically am. I gotta keep these tissues healthy! Seeing Dexter in the gym every day, plus the slight greater alarm of the watchful eye of the Gold's Venice patrons, has me realizing a slightly elevated level of impediment to deliver in shape! polished are in consequence bounteous fans in efficient cheering for me to kill certain at the FLEX examined – I can't let them down. They know what I'm energetic of and now it's time to walk the walk! BETTER THAN EVER!

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