Monday, August 27, 2012

Tesla’s Idea to Generate FREE Electricity


The Tesla Fuel Generator was the invention of one of the world's most popular pioneers in the innovation and expansion of electricity. Without his work, current inventions like television, computer, cell phones and the internet would not even exist. Tesla knew even one hundred years ago that is it is possible to produce energy without fuel. This article, will talk about his brainchild, the fuel generator, and how DIY enthusiasts from all around the world are now creating their own 7-kilowatt plans and turning their back on the power corporation. Tesla did spend half from his career to work on what he called his "Fuel Generator".

He described this system as a machine that uses only the energy from the atmosphere. This may sound a little bizarre but we now know that this is equivalent to the modern area of physics named "zero point technology". In our days, so many people from all around the world are building their own plans based on Tesla's original project. So many people from our days today have tested and refined this amazing system and now finally this system is a reality. On EnergyByTesla you will find some extra information that will change your mind and your opinions. Safe to use: Tesla energy makes no gasses, fumes and other dangerous substances!

It is completely weatherproof and you may use your generator in weather state, day and night! By making use of natural power, which is around us, and you have now capability to make the generator, which can produce never ending supply of the clean, and FREE energy helping power home and business. You will as well have capability to vastly decrease the electric bill by making use of concept of the Tesla energy as well as you can eliminate electric bills totally – number one reason why the people are now grabbing opportunity to use amazing Energy Free Source!

Are you set to discover more and more reasons why you must have the Tesla energy? In case, you were mention name Nikola Tesla, picture of mad scientist can pop in my mind. Tesla is real genius of early 19th century however not many people know of him. Tesla was born at 10th July in 1956 and died at old age 87 years. Back in younger days, the Tesla was well trained as electrical & mechanical engineering.    

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