Sunday, February 12, 2012

My 2012 Summer Adventure Plan

Playing RC beside the Seashore would be fun

I like my summer to more adventurous to fulfill life. Of course the reason to unwind from work stress. So let the game begin as my favorite pastime and hobby continues. Which is mainly adrenaline rush adventure sports! Wethier I explore pearl of the orients sea bodies inside or outside the Philippines. Its a must big summer fulfillment for me.

The adventure continues with yacht sailing, skiing, diving and even snorkeling in blue-green deep waters. You can feel the full fulfillment of this such adventure of double "O" Jayson. Feel while it last these mix emotion of heart pump, triumph, fulfillment, hardcore adventure and body pain.

Also being exposed to those cool adventure challenges I was now able to read maps, explore places, blue prints easily to see historic landmarks of the unexplored world. That's why we won the urban amazing race last 2 years which I regularly ventured with adventurous friends.

Same thing running, biking, game on finding a thing  like survivors and rappelling by at this time with a lot of shoppers and crowd. Aside from sea and mountains but also do Inside and outside the mall, not only physical but also some mind puzzle, washing, taking spot pictures and electronic appliances identification parts challenges. 

Also long walking hours boating adventure morning till dawn adventure in HK waters, Macau, China and Singapore. Visiting different outdoor historic places like its sea, rivers, lake and mountains.
 We care for mother earth by tree planting
See the mud clay from mini river, that's nice to explore barefoot
Like a Crawling chicken run under rain!!!
War-games with office-mates
 Im swimming at the Penthouse of Kowloon Hotel
 Harbor because I'm a beach guy
 I love nature and mountaineering, this is in Rizal
 Baguio Mines-view, after feeding the Aeta's in our Charity Mission
 Get ready to rush on race, I like to try this on 4 x 4 like they do on Abu Dhabi
Even off road on Bora white sand, I like to drive any 4 wheel
 Im driving this Yatch at this time in Subic
 Learning to sail Commander Jayson Bond
 Thumbs Up after We Won the Challenge
Tears of the Sun,  I'm hungry for Adventure
 Cowboy Country
 Jump from the Tree Jungle
 Lets do Diving and Snorkeling at this time?
 Take a rest for Enduro Challenge
 Kayaking makes my Muscle Big
Hurry up buddy we almost won the challenge
Circuit Racing and Motoring Sports Fun
 Solar Boat Captain
 Sailing in Asian Waters
 Racing Motorsports Again
So long, But I'd like to win this blogging contest courtesy of cool shades Spyder!
 Im wearing Spyder Shades going to Macau
 Even Dancing in Disneyland with Spyder Cool Shady Shades
This is my My 2012 Summer Adventure Plan
And I like to do this over and over again!

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