Monday, April 23, 2012

PAEC Bridgestone Ecopia Amazing Race

Last Saturday April 21, 2012 at La Mesa Ecopark, Quezon City. We won the Ecopia Amazing Race organized by Bridgestone and Philippine Allied Enterprises Corporation. The race is quite the same with the Electrolux and AXN big challenge race we won before. But this time more on environment protection on how to protect our ecosystem. Towards reducing the impact of motoring on our ecosystem. The band singer and the event host told us to plant 12 trees for every car owner. 
Promoting fun and teamwork My team called Team Facebook competes with the Media in the motoring industry. An Eco adventure friendly race so its mix we run, solve puzzles, do obstacles,  get water, blind shooting, team challenges, balance, plant trees, pass -relay Eco friendly message. Which I will never forget the good-advocacy of a certain slogan, meaning  as well as telling about our care and responsibility to nature. That the nature abundance is that we don't  inherit it from our ancestors, but we owe it on our children.
Ecopia is the merging of the word Ecology and Utiopia which represents Bridgestone activity worldwide. It reduce rolling resistance and promise Eco friendly performance. "Now you can enjoy superior performance and superior level of safety without compromising the environment" said by Mark Tagle, EVP-GM of PAEC. 
They used green tires such as Potenza S001, RE02, Dueler 697 and 2nd generation GR90 See youtube performance video link here. During the event they show us also video the scientific way of saving tire life. Good  tire balance for better breaking performance, reducing wheel resistance to save fuel. As well as safety features core elements of comfort and environment friendly usage.
My passion to wheels since I was in grade-school never stops. I used to bring my bike to elementary and HS years to school as a service. But Segway people introduced me to this new form of transportation. The one that I used above is for golf. I do the maneuver, it has specific tires ideal for turf and cement road. But they also have all terrain for jungle adventure. That can master the intimidating grass, dirt,sand or gravel. 

To control this what I called x-men's professor's x vehicle. Is just lean forward to move and stand still for brake and stop. Easy right?  Just lean to left or right on which way you wanna go. This 54 kgs with 83cm tires Segway's vehicle can travel as fast as 20 kmh and battery ranges of up to 19km all day long. So I do rush this inside the club hangars race registration area.       
Photo credits to my teammate Kaye Lao and Bridgestone Facebook Fan Page. The picture above is the Philippine tree that we had planted. All participants was able to do the actual  nursery transfer planting procedures. But the expert told us that its ideal to plant trees on rainy season. Now the ice breaking question is, Why we need to buy Eco friendly tires? Bridgestone answers - to drive for a better future. For tomorrow, for our children, for our planet - I see Visit for more info.

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