Monday, August 20, 2012

An Excellent Credit Score Is Important For A Number Of Reasons


Most people know how great an excellent credit score can be. (Not to mention how good and proud you feel)

Unfortunately some people don't realize that having poor credit can make it difficult, if not impossible, for them to secure a major loan such as an auto loan or home mortgage, and many don't realize poor credit can cause problems in other important areas as well.

Auto and home owner's insurance

Most Insurance companies these days are using credit scores to qualify and price their customer's policies. In many cases and under certain circumstances, Insurance companies have the right to increase their premiums based on the credit standing of those they insure.

If you don't have an excellent credit score, you could pay more. These companies will quote studies and statistics that back up their claims. Be aware that a low credit score may mean higher premiums on both auto and home owner's insurance.


A lot of employers these days are using credit checks to screen their potential employees. With so many people looking for a job and the employer having plenty of applicants, employers can be more selective than before.

Many job seekers, particularly when applying for a job that requires them to deal with substantial amounts of money, find that their prospective employer will not hire them with mediocre credit scores. Although this seems a bit inappropriate and unnecessary to some, the logic behind the credit check is sound. Some companies simply respond, "If a job candidate can't handle their own finances in a responsible way, how will they handle ours?"

More and more companies are using credit reports as part of their screening process and that means it will be harder and harder for those with low or marginal credit scores to find employment. If you are looking for a new job or there is a chance you will be in the near future, take the time to check your credit and do all you can to correct any errors. Then take the necessary steps to improve your score. Doing so, can remove the uncertainty about your credit, take a great deal of stress out of your job search and give you a much better chance of finding employment.

Rental agreements, loans and leases

It's become common place that a credit check is required for renting a home or apartment or securing a loan or lease on a vehicle. Even if you have a perfect record of paying your rent on time at a previous apartment, you may still have to agree to a credit check. Landlords and rental management companies measure your credit risk in much the same way as banks and other lenders. A shaky credit report may disqualify you or cost you more. A credit check is almost a certainty when entering into a loan or lease for a vehicle.

Take preventive measures

It's a good idea to carefully check your credit report before you apply for a job, take out an insurance policy or rent your next apartment.

And do so as early as possible so you can correct any errors on your report and get the excellent credit score that you deserve!

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