Thursday, August 16, 2012

Building A Better Boot Camp

A lot of coaches and boot camp instructors have worked hard to earn degrees and certifications.  Some of them pride themselves on being able to regurgitate all of the technical jargon like "Excess Post Oxygen Consumption" (epoc) or 1-RM, RMR, ATP, and all of the other letters of the alphabet.

They may think that they know every trick in the book. 

They push their classes hard, and they know how to get results. 

Their repertoire of exercises includes classics like the pushup, the chin-up, and the basketball court suicide. 

They deal with self-motivated clients who want to be in tip-top shape, and these people are committed to the class.

Ask your students what they like about fitness boot camp, and they will probably create a list of things like: the quick results, the challenge, the like- minded participants, etc.  However, what you will never hear on a list of the best qualities of boot camp is that it's fun.

Maybe you're thinking, "Boot camp isn't supposed to be fun!  It is supposed to be hard." But what would happen if you made the class just as challenging but a whole lot more fun?  You would definitely end up with more clients.  Maybe you would need to add another fitness boot camp class to your schedule or have a waiting list of customers who want a "golden ticket" to your fun and challenging class!

A Scenario

You're talking to a member of your gym, Elaine.  You have noticed that while she is athletic and seems to enjoy a challenge, Elaine has never tried your fitness boot camp — so you ask her why.

Elaine's answer is surprising.  She says that she would rather play soccer or tennis with the local park league.  She says she knows boot camp would probably be more challenging, but it does not sound that appealing.  Elaine has always liked to play competitive sports because they are just more fun.

As you think about Elaine's scenario, you might see that your fitness boot camp would gain students if it were more fun.  However, how do you create a class that is fun and interesting without losing any of the hardcore elements of a traditional boot camp?  The e-book Fitness Games might just be your answer.

Fitness Games

Fitness Games is an e-book jam-packed with ideas about how to challenge your fitness boot camp students, while entertaining them.  You can still use some of the factors of a traditional boot camp, but you can use the activities found in Fitness Games to liven things up and build a better boot camp.

The games in this e-book are fun, easy to explain, and challenging.  Even those students who have been bouncing in and out of your class for a while will be more motivated when you use these games.  Many of the games are based on basic concepts everyone knows — so they will take only a few seconds to explain, meaning that your class still doesn't get much downtime. 

In addition, all these games are physically tough; even the old-school games have twists that will make them a challenge for even your most hardcore clients.  Therefore, you will not only motivate the participants that you already have, but you will also attract a completely new class of boot camp customers just by using the games in this e-book.

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Source 4 Foods Never To Eat

Source 4 Foods Never To Eat

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