Friday, August 10, 2012

C Section Recovery – 7 Essential Steps You Simply Must Follow to Avoid Serious Complications

A C Section recovery is a process that more and more women will have to go through at some stage in their life, current estimates are that nearly 1 in 4 women will give birth this way.

After such a trauma there are a number of very important factors that need to be considered. Taking care of each of these in turn will ensure that you make a full and complete recovery in the fastest possible time.

#1. Caring for the wound. It is important that you check your wound periodically for any changes. If you notice anything different about the incision such as an increase in the amount of redness or swelling around the scar or any pussy discharge then these should be checked out immediately.

#2. Rest. It is very important to rest after the operation as much as possible. Initially you may feel very weak, tired, sleepy and emotional. These are all natural responses to what you have been through and over a few days they will all settle down.

#3. Exercise. Being sedentary immediately following any surgery is not a good idea because it promotes blood pooling in the lower legs which can in some extreme cases lead to blood clotting. The key here is to do little and often.

#4. Diet. As you are recovering from major surgery it is absolutely vital that you provide the body with valuable nutrients for cell renewal and repair. By eating every 3 – 4 hours and selecting foods as close to their natural state as possible you will be giving your body the best possible chances of recovery.

#5. Pelvic Floor. Even though you won't have caused any damage to the pelvic floor muscles through delivery these muscles have been stressed over the last nine months and will be much weaker. Some simple pelvic floor exercises will help this and can be done anytime .

#6. Stomach Muscles. During a typical C section the muscles are not actually cut, they have been simply moved apart in order to deliver the baby, so they can be exercised in the same way as for a vaginal birth. This should be by performing pelvic tilting exercises until the muscles have realigned.

#7. Peace of mind. Following a C section it is quite common to experience some post traumatic stress especially if the operation was carried out in an emergency. If this is the case, discuss your feelings with your midwife or seek other professional support. If the feelings last for any amount of time.

Your C section recovery is very important to get right, as any small problems ignored at the early stages could potentially develop in to long term injuries which can take years to rectify.

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