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Not All Natural Hair Loss Remedies Were Created Equal

There may be more wives' tales, urban legends, and just plain myths about hair loss than any other medical problem. For thousands of years, everyone has had an opinion about what causes, and more importantly what cures, hair loss.With all of this so called knowledge, why are people still losing their hair?

The answer is because all of the "knowledge" is not actually knowledge, some of it is more like opinions. Like opinions, this "knowledge" is not firmly based in fact and really only pertinent to the "expert" giving it.

Of course, not every natural hair loss remedy is illegitimate. Your job is to decipher between the truths, half-truths, and myths. Fortunately, it is easy if you know what to look for.

Sorting Through The Options

First things first, choosing a natural remedy for hair loss is the only accepted route. This fact most people can agree with. The only people truly pushing non-natural alternatives are those who profit by it like drug companies and clinics.

They are voicing opinions loudly, but they are not the majority. The majority of real experts agree natural remedies are the only way to go.

Of course, this does not mean all natural remedies are going to work for you. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the first is the hair loss remedy may not be as natural as it seems. For example, you hear someone pushing a "natural" cure by using a branded pill containing "all natural" ingredients.

Of course, these "all natural" ingredients are processed, dyed, mixed with artificial fillers, and then bottled with a proprietary secret recipe that leaves you unclear what "natural" solution you are actually taking.

Obviously, that is not really a natural solution. There is hardly any difference between those and the OTC pills you see in any store.

These remedies are not the norm. Most natural hair loss remedies do not fall into this category. Most health experts and hair loss sufferers are pushing methods and treatments that are purely natural.

They cannot be bought in a pill bottle and they are essentially home remedies.

In theory, all natural remedies should be great. Which is why, no matter if the technique is to apply coconut oil to the scalp nightly or if the technique is to take biotin pills three times daily, you will find hundreds of thousands of people who will swear it is the ONLY answer.

Why so many solutions? Can they all be right? Are they all wrong?

The X Factor

The answer is yes and no.

Here are the drawbacks to promoting only one technique or one herb or one change as the only real hair loss remedy. It does not take into affect the "X" factor.

What is the X factor?

Pretty much all hair fall is rooted from a hormone imbalance, but the X factor is the premise that we are all unique. We all have a hormone imbalance, but it could have been caused by a variety of different reasons. That reason must be corrected for the hormone balance to be restored and to stop hair loss.

Natural remedies for hair loss which do not consider the "X" factor could be hit or miss. For example, if someone's only source of hormone imbalance is being overweight, then a remedy focusing on weight loss will be very effective.

If your body is lacking a certain mineral, like iron, causing an imbalance, then an iron-rich treatment will be effective. However, a weight loss treatment would never work for someone with a mineral deficiency. This is the X factor.

The real problem is that any remedy promoting only one single technique, treatment, or change is not going to be effective. This is because hair fall is normally the result of many problems which compound one another and devastate your body.

Unless all of the problems are resolved, the hair loss will never be cured.

This is evident when you read someone swearing that a certain herb totally cured their hair loss. Then, you will read one or two others who agree but hundreds, or even thousands, of others who vehemently disagree.

The truth is that herb probably did work, but mainly because it healed their body in conjunction with several other changes and improvements they made.

They made their bodies healthier in general, and that herb "pushed them over the top." Would they have re-grown hair without that herb? Definitely. Would it have happened at the same rate? Maybe.

Can you expect the same results using only that herb? Only if you have the exact same health problem and live the exact same lifestyle.

It should be clear to see why not every hair loss therapy is really a cure. You should also see why some are in the right direction of a cure, but still miss the goal. It is only by treating your X factor that you will be able to stop your hair loss.

Not all hair loss programs were created equal, because The Hair Loss Black Booksurpasses them all. This program is built around the X Factor, teaching you to identify your unique cause for hair loss and to tailor a cure ideally suited for your body and your life.

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Source 4 Foods Never To Eat

Source 4 Foods Never To Eat

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