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Pregnancy Exercises – How to Stay in Shape When Pregnant

For many women the thought of pregnancy means saying a fond farewell to the body they've always known. This expectation is due to many factors, not least of all, the lack of real life, every day women examples who've managed to get back in to great shape after having children.

But if you know how to stay in shape when pregnant, then it can make a massive difference to the way you look afterwards, but also the speed at which you recover following the birth.

There are a number of specific pregnancy exercises you can do which will help you out both during and after the birth. But remember, the key to any pregnancy exercises you do is that they should simply maintain the fitness you had before becoming pregnant, not to improve in any way.

A number of types of training before pregnancy are not safe for you to do when you're pregnant, so don't try any of the following: -


Instead use these pregnancy exercises: -

Gentle and functional weight training 
Using supported positions, ideally seated, not on your back. Different stages of pregnancy require you to avoid exercising on your back as blood flow can be diverted from the foetus to the working muscles, reducing the oxygen supply to the baby.

Specific pregnancy yoga classes 
Led by a qualified and reputable instructor. Because of the pregnancy hormones oestrogen and relaxin, your joints are more lax (looser) than before, so now isn't a good time to develop flexibility. But regular stretching can help to offset back pain and tightness all around the body.

Very low impact aerobics 
Again specific aerobic exercises, designed to maintain a pre pregnancy level of fitness, not improve it. You should be able to carry on a conversation throughout and don't forget to drink plenty of water.

Pelvic floor exercises 
A strong and effective pelvic floor will make the whole experience of natural childbirth much easier and recovery afterwards far quicker.

Regular walking 
A 30 – 40 minute walk done two or three times a week should help to maintain a healthy weight if you combine it with a healthy and nutritious diet.

Don't try to diet 
This is not how to stay in shape when pregnant, you won't be able to lose weight and it can be very harmful to your baby if you aren't eating enough calories.

Eat a well balanced diet and stay as active as possible. This is how to stay in shape when pregnant and also how to be in the best position possible for bouncing back in to great shape after having your baby.

Jago Holmes is a certified personal trainer with over 10 years experience working with moms who have given birth by c section. He has created an easy to use and highly effective system every new mom can use to tone and flatten your baby belly and safely speed up your c section recovery.

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