Friday, August 10, 2012

Recovering From C Section Surgery – Supercharge Your C Section Recovery Using These 4 Simple Tips

Recovering from c section surgery will take some time, you have just been through major abdominal trauma, but there are a few ways that you can help to speed things along so you can get back to feeling in control of your life and the care of your new baby.

The following 4 tips will help to quickly boost your energy levels and speed up your c section recovery: -

#1 Monitor your wound.

Don't just think that because it has been dressed and is covered up that it will be fine, it is a delicate wound in a position on the body that is almost impossible not to move and bend, so occasionally the smallest of tasks might easily pull it apart.

#2 Be active.

Whilst you need to be careful not to aggravate your wound, it is important that you do stay active. Avoid any bending, twisting or bouncing movements at first, but do try to walk around and gradually increase the amount of time that you can do this for. Aim to stand tall and pull your tummy muscles in as you do so.

#3 Exercise the stomach Muscles

There are three reasons why you need to start doing this immediately following the birth. Firstly to help to pull in and realign the stomach muscles, secondly to increase blood flow to the area and thirdly to help strengthen and support the spine and pelvis. Without doing this, you run the risk of suffering from long term back pain, having a rounded stomach forever and prolonging the healing process for possibly months instead of weeks.

#4 Start a walking route

One of the best ways to speed up your c section recovery is to start walking as soon as possible. In hospital and for the first few days, this may be something more like a shuffle.

As your scar becomes less painful and you begin to feel stronger you should start to gradually increase the amount of walking you can do.

The benefits of walking are too long to list here, but as far as recovering from c section surgery is concerned then it will help you to become fitter and stronger, improve your circulation, improve your posture and help to rebuild confidence and self esteem.

Ultimately in order to help your c section recovery run smoothly and quickly it is important to listen to your body. Rest when you need to, but be active whenever you can. Inactivity will certainly slow down the repair of your wound but you will also notice other problems from doing nothing such as feeling constantly tired, lacking in confidence, being stuck inside and feeling isolated, all of which will have very negative effects on your mood and your recovery.

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