Monday, August 20, 2012

Typing Scams and Data Entry Scams – How to Avoid Them

There are many freelance typing jobs available for home-based typists.

Here are some tips to help you find home typing work and avoid misleading typing scams.

1. Avoid data entry scams. These home job typing scams are represented as filling out forms, data entry typing jobs, data entry jobs, data entry typing business opportunities, or freelance data entry jobs. They are affiliate programs disguised as data entry jobs. They are not real typing jobs.

You will not get paid for each form you fill out. Instead, you will spend advertising fees and will be typing ads to promote affiliate products. You only get paid when you sell any products.

You will be typing ads and each time someone clicks on your ad through Google, Yahoo or other search engine, you have to pay a fee, even if the click through does not result in a sale. If you visit about 20 different web sites with different urls, you'll find the same or similar content and pictures and income images.

2. Avoid any typing jobs at home that promise that you'll make money fast and require no experience. Real typing jobs require typing skills and getting clients for freelance typing services does not happen overnight.

3. Stay away from email processing. Those are not legit typing jobs. They'll promise that you'll get paid $15-$20 for every email you process. Instead of processing email, you'll have to sell those programs to other people. And the training materials that are supposed to teach you how to process email will tell you how to sell the same materials to someone else for $15-$20.

4. Avoid paid surveys. Typing paid surveys can provide you with some extra pocket money but the income potentials are overstated and those are not real typing jobs.

5. Don't buy lists of companies providing you with typing jobs. They usually don't have typing work for you and they won't even know that they are on those lists as typing work providers. You're better off compiling your own list of prospects.

6. Classified ad typing jobs are a variation of the data entry jobs. You'll still be selling affiliate programs. If you don't want to pay advertising, you will submit ads to free classified sites and spend a lot of time doing so.

Entrepreneurs and companies are looking for people to post their ads on classified sites. They will typically pay you per ad you post. Those ads will be a lot more specific as to what the company wants you to do. You can typically find those kind of ad posting jobs in classified sites and job sites.

7. Visit job sites and job boards that specialize in postings legitimate jobs. These include WAHM, Elance, and MediaBistro.

8. Some people recommend searching the top classifieds sites daily for new home typing job. Classified sites like Craigslist and Backpage may have listings for work at home jobs. You may find something there but the better way of getting typing jobs through classified ad sites is by posting your own ads offering typing services to business and entrepreneurs.

9. Contact webmasters. Publishers of web sites often need home typists to typing their web content. Look for home typing jobs at job sites that are targeted to webmasters such as Scriptlance and Rentacoder and visit webmaster forums.

10. Visit freelance sites, networks, communities and forums to find job postings for freelance typing work and writing jobs.

11. The best way to get typing work from home is by becoming an independent contractor or freelancer and finding your own clients. Start a secretarial service or become a virtual assistant. As a secretarial service, you will get typing work from businesses and entrepreneurs, such as typing letters, creating form letters, typing addresses, reports, invoices, proposals and other documents.

Companies and entrepreneurs realize that hiring subcontractors who can perform typing work from home will lower their overhead and save them money. Hiring a home-based typist, secretarial service or virtual assistant reduces their overhead costs because they don't have to hire employees.

With many entrepreneurs, home businesses and webmasters are outsourcing typing work to home-based typists. Freelance typing services such as secretarial services and va services have become one of the fastest growing businesses today.

There is plenty of home typing work available. You just have to know how to get it and you have to be able to distinguish between legitimate typing work and typing scams.

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