Saturday, September 8, 2012

Companies Use Unlock My Password Software to Keep Their PCs up and Running


Many companies with traveling employees provide computers for them to take on the road. Each computer has its own individualized password, and often times the traveling employee is left without any options when they have been given the wrong login information. The Unlock My Password Software Program was developed as a simple, effective solution, as a way to overcome the impossible situation of figuring out how to login without the correct password, out on the road.


Safeguarding the Company's Confidential Files


With all the necessary individualized passwords required for programs, peripherals and logins to websites, blogs and computer programs, remembering every password can be a daunting task. Additionally, companies store pertinent, confidential business information on their computers, and then send the device out into the world with their employees when traveling. As a way to ensure complete privacy, the company's IT technicians often change the passwords for login to ensure the programs, information, files and folders remain confidential, as a way to reduce the risk of information being hacked.


Instant Access to Your Company Computer


Unlock My Password was developed to provide instant access to an employee that has forgotten or was given the wrong login information. This effective tool is a simple file that can be inserted into the inaccessible computer's disk drive or USB port that will override the password settings and allow instant access. The entire process takes less than 30 seconds to perform.


Acquiring the Program


The computer user, or company's IT technician, can easily download a copy of the program from the Unlock My Password website. They need to simply copy the file on an auxiliary CD/DVD disc or a USB stick. If the traveling employee is not able to gain access due to a faulty password or improper login information, they simply insert the disc or stick into the computer and turn the device on.


On boot up, the computer will automatically change the login settings in the registry file and allow the user to reset the password. Once completed, the computer will fully open up, instantly making available all the programs, folders, files and applications. The Unlock My Password software program does not affect the hardware, software, or any attached peripheral. It works on all Windows platforms that operate laptops, netbooks, notebooks, tablets and desktops.


Unlock My Password is an effective solution for every company that operates one or more computers in their business.


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