Saturday, September 8, 2012

Everything you need to know about leveling, now available!

Guild Wars 2 can be an exciting game, especially when you see someone else play it. Many have mistaken its accessibility for ease of play and simpleness and this made them become frustrated after playing for a few weeks, being faced with so many decisions and paths to take only to see that everyone else is passing right by and they are struggling with the same items and levels while searching for new things to do when all the Renown Hearts and Personal Story Quests are finished.

Such rich content can't be conquered by everyone, let alone the people that don't have so much time on their hands. Like me. I have a job where I have to go every day and when I come home I need to really have fun in my fun-time, not aimlessly roam the land of Tyria in looks for stuff to do to increase my level and wear that awesome piece of armor I got from looting.

What helped me along the way, and now I can say that I'm a skilled Guild Wars 2 player, is the Leveling Guide you can find here: AFFILIATE LINK

It has everything I needed and beyond, tailored for the average player that just wants to hit that dungeon with his high level friends or just want to reach that level cap and feel good about himself. This eliminated a lot of my frustrations with the game and the times when I felt I was leveling like a slug are long gone.

PvE is totally covered with everything from quests to dynamic events and interest points. This is excellent since you don't even need to use scouts anymore. The guides will get you right where you want to be. Information about dynamic events is also priceless since you will know when to stick around and when it's just not worth it. PvP is also a leveling medium, so this is covered as well. PvP is extremely different from PvE so the guide creator has chosen to introduce you in this interactive world and teach the basics. Knowing what to focus on is always very important since you don't start on the wrong foot. Cooking and Crafting are covered in absolute detail and you will find out that leveling through them means a lot in the world of Guild Wars 2.

Details are everywhere in this guide and I really appreciate the work put into it. It helped me a lot over these past weeks and I strongly believe that it will help anyone that is willing to give it a try. Try it now and I am sure you won't regret it: The Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide.

For Full Guide Click Here

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