Saturday, September 8, 2012

How Do I Regain Access to My Computer and Unlock My Password?


Unlock My Password is an effective solution to any user that has ever forgotten their login information to their Windows PC. The struggle to persistently open the computer system with an ineffective password typically does nothing more than create high levels of frustration. As a response to this problem, this innovative software was developed as an easy solution to instantly reset login information and allow the user full access to their user account.


A Security Necessity


As a way to deter hackers and other individuals to gain access into your computer, it is necessary to update security measures and change your password often. However, once the password has been changed, oftentimes users forget their password, or create errors when attempting to log in to their user account. No matter how many attempts you make Windows bars you access, with no avenue to correct the situation, other than a Window's "hint". If your password is complex (which it should be) it may be impossible to ever remember the new login information.


A Simple Process


This creative software provides a way around an impossible password barrier and quickly allows you access into your account. As a "password resetter" program, Unlock My Password is an extremely helpful and reliable software application that requires nothing more than a quick reboot of your PC. The entire process to regain access takes less than 30 seconds, and works whether you are the administrator or just a user.


Application Initiates Automatically


The three-step process of Unlock My Password requires a simple download to an accessible computer. Next, you can save the software application directly to a DVD, a CD or USB stick. Once the software program has been saved, simply place the USB stick, DVD or CD into the inaccessible computer and reboot. The software program will automatically initiate a search for all login information. Once found, it will reset the passwords and provide instant access into your PC.


Works on All Windows Platforms


Unlock My Password is designed to reset passwords on any Windows platform. It works on Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and both versions of Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit). It is completely safe, and does not cause harm to any component or registry file. It does not tamper with any other security protocol nor change any of the settings of your computer system. Once the login information is reset, you can easily change it back to an original password, or any other password you desire.


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