Saturday, September 8, 2012

How Do I Unlock My Password When My Children Changed the Password?


If you ever needed to gain access into your family computer, and realized the children change the password, you can still get past that barrier with a simple solution. Unlock My Password is a simple to use program that was developed to do just that. Using a simple password file during boot up, the computer will immediately reset itself to accept the new login information allowing you to gain full access to your software, files, folders and applications.


Restore Points Are Ineffective


Out of all the available things you can do with a restore point, to take the computer back into a previous time when you could login, the main thing you cannot do is reset your password. Microsoft Windows has developed a secure system that provides the ultimate barrier if you do not know the password, or spell it incorrectly. While this highly protective measure can safeguard you from hackers, or those interested in looking at your private documents and files, it can leave you in dire straits when you need to gain access yourself.


An Easy Solution


Unlock My Password  is a program developed for all Windows-based computers that operate on a variety Windows platforms including both versions of Windows 7 (32 64-bit), along with Vista, XP, NT and 2000. The entire process takes less than 30 seconds and requires no tools, components or accessories.


Acquiring a version of the program is easy, with a simple download of a file from the Unlock My Password website to an accessible computer. Simply make a copy and store it in an auxiliary location that can be either a DVD/CD disc or USB stick. Take the stick or disc from the accessible computer and insert it into the inaccessible computer and turn your machine on.


Changing Your Password


When the inaccessible computer is turned on the program should automatically run on its own. If it does not, choose to boot the computer from the auxiliary disc drive or port. Once operating, it will scan through the entire registry and find the settings for login input. It automatically changes the settings, so that when the computer is rebooted you will have the ability to instantly reset your password. Upon completion Windows will open completely, restoring accessibility to all of your files, programs, folders and applications.


Unlock My Password is highly recommended for every user of a Windows-based computer. As a safeguard you can easily download the program before the next issue arrives to ensure you have a copy when the login problem occurs.


Click Here To Unlock Your Password

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