Saturday, September 8, 2012

Web Traffic and Your New Web Page

If you are into the internet then whether or not you know it every time you hit a link and view a webpage you are considered web traffic to that business. The question comes into play if the person or business is trying to get web traffic or specific web traffic to view their website. To purchase merchandise, have an opportunity to buy into a business deal, or purchase services that are offered on that webpage is the answer the owner is looking for from the visitor.

When people are first starting their business on the internet and building their webpage they want to see if there is an interest in their main topic so they may not care how must web traffic there is coming to their webpage. It starts to become important to the owner of the business when it means sales or when they get into a pay par click system meaning they are paying a certain amount of money for each person that is clicking to view their website.

Using a pay per click system for web traffic can become very expensive quickly if you continue to use this method and do not learn how to narrow your keywords so selective people come to your webpage that have an actual interest in what you provide whether it is a service or product. There are some websites out there like Social Link pages that have supporters to keep their sites going so people can visit and see all the various advertisements. If this is what you are doing then it does not matter who and how many time the link is hit because you have side sponsors.

When it you starting a business then web traffic is a trial to see if you would have people initially coming to your webpage to view it. You can actually add a counter and then you would be able to track the number of clicks per day if you wanted to keep track on certain days to which days do better than others. If you listen to some people, for example the Traffic maverick he'll tell you Mondays are a better day if you want to announce a special advertisement or event. Good luck when you set up you website.


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