Saturday, September 8, 2012

Website Traffic and its Competition

Anyone who is just starting out on the internet can see how quickly it can become addicting and how easy it is to maneuver around to the various sites. In fact, the first few sites that you probably go to are Face Book because someone told you to join so they could talk to you. Then YouTube so you could see some wild videos and of course the search engines Google and Bing for everything else you might want to look up. Before you know it you are known as website traffic and people will try to get your attention to come to their websites.

Website traffic can be fun to try to attract if you are just trying to get attention. It is challenging when you are trying to make a go of a business and need the web traffic to come to your webpage to review a product or service you may be selling. One of the steps to attract website traffic is to have an article that would make the reader interested and want to go to the webpage. In fact, you would want them to finish the whole article and use the link embedded to visit your website and to continue reading what is on your webpage.

There are certain ways that articles have to be written in order for them to be accepted on a search engine and if you read the terms of service on the various sites it tells you what is and is not allowed. For example, you shouldn't have more than three percent saturation of a keyword in your article. If you do, it will most likely be declined. Website traffic is great for reading the articles and following the links to the webpage's. Another thing that normally does not pass it is you are trying to promote a specific product by name.

There are article websites like Ezine Articles that attract a lot of web site traffic but if you try to submit an article with a company's name it will not be published. If you decide to write and publish articles then be aware that each service has rules so do not get frustrated the first time your article is declined. Simply read the rules and you will find it is probably something very easy to fix and then you can re-submit it.


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