Saturday, September 8, 2012

Website Traffic and Who Wants It

If you are looking for website traffic then it means you have a webpage that you want viewed by the public. If you are looking for website traffic then is means that you may have a product or service that you want people to look at and possibly purchase. If you are looking for website traffic then you want people that are interested in your service and they are repeat customers and you want them to keep coming back to your webpage.

How did you get them there to begin with is and what is it that keeps them interested in reading coming back. Initially you had created a webpage, you made it interesting and you made it interactive where a person could come see what you offered and be free to look around. They were able to open various links that opened new browsers and as they were closed they were still in your main webpage.

You had created articles that were posted in Google that were written so the titles and keywords had something in common. You knew there had to be consistency in the construction of the article. You also had to provide an email address and contact information and links to the Federal Trade Commission so you as a company could be considered reputable as far as Google were concerned.

By doing the few things stated above you were able to get website traffic to your webpage. After you saw the website traffic then you were able to narrow it down even further to targeted website traffic by adding and additional word "no" to the meta-tag language. This helps when you are using the pay per click method and pay for each click a person does to come to see your site. When you are trying to make a living by the internet there are things that you are going to learn quickly. There will be things that will not work for you and things that you try that will cost you some money before you decide to make some changes.

Remember to give it some time to give things a chance to work and to allow things to happen after you make changes. Keep a record of all your links so you can cross reference them at a later point in time. Website traffic are potential customers and you will find the ones that like your site and you may even want to place a suggestion box on your webpage to see what some people want to see on your webpage.


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