Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cooking and Crafting – Something you shouldn’t neglect.

If Guild Wars 2 isn't your first MMORPG, you should know by now that crafting is a great way to get some items early on, but that's about it. In terms of leveling, it doesn't help you at all and you are practically wasting time to get some better items so you can save some time by killing the monsters quickly. So there is an equal tradeoff where you don't actually gain anything in terms of time, but only a false impression.

In Guild Wars 2, this is absolutely not the case. Cooking and crafting are not these meta-activities that offer you a false impression of time saving but rather a great part of the whole leveling process you are going through. Why is that? It's because besides leveling your crafting profession, the activity also gives you experience towards your general leveling. This is the first game in which I have personally encountered this and I can say it is excellent! I'm feeling that I'm not working for nothing, especially if you are a player that realized the illusory effects of the common crafting.

But this doesn't automatically mean that you will power level through those levels only with crafting and cooking. As you know, these require materials which you have to farm or buy. So knowing how to effectively use your materials and keep the expenditure at a minimum is paramount. I needed this when I realized that even when crafting and cooking, I had to waste time gathering materials (even if they give experience too) because I immediately ran out.

When picking up the guide, I couldn't imagine that I was making such wastes of materials looking at crafting from a different angle. The tips on crafting presented in the Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide are absolutely excellent for a guy that wants to make the most out of these crafting professions. You will discover all the recipes with a minimum number of materials, thus, a minimum amount of time spent farming them. This way you will also keep your gold since you won't have to buy extra materials from the Trading Post in an attempt to save time.

I can now say that I'm a master crafter and I absolutely love it! I can also make some money with the items I sell in the Trading Post and can really afford at this point to sit and craft all day long. All thanks to this wonderful guide I recommend to all the players that are tired to go days on end with the same level.

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